TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Parents of Superstorm Sandy babies recount struggles

One of the most memorable images from Superstorm Sandy was that of newborn babies being evacuated froma neonatal intensive care unit. Visiting TODAY along with their babies, the parents tell Matt Lauer about their ordeals and how their children have been since the disaster.

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>> and another memorable imagine from sandy, the evacuation of patients and newborn babies . some of the young survivors and their parents are with us now. jeremy and william donovan . jewels and his daughter and darr range -- dara and their little girl . nice to see you all. i don't know whose idea it was to bring six 1-year-olds here but if this goes south, do what you have to do. let's ask a general question. you can have that. the days after sandy. things had to get better. it started rough. did everything get better.

>> yeah.

>> you're all doing well? you went to the hospital and here comes sandy and when you got to the hospital you're in contractions and the lights went out.

>> the lights went out but the back up generators come on so everything is going smoothly and as expected because they've got back up power for weeks we were told.

>> didn't they also use glow sticks at one point?

>> well, that was after the generators went out. so that was phase two. the generators go out, the machines go out, the lights go out and the glow sticks come on and the flashlights come on.

>> what a way to begin. and charles, you thought the hospital would be one of the safer places to be in the storm.

>> what could go wrong?

>> exactly. it's a hospital, we're in new york city of all places and nyu, we actually -- we had a unique experience because we were there after most of these obey byes had already evacuated. we decided to stay the night in the dark abandoned hospital. there were probably a handful of other people on the floor with us. but overall, the effort that we saw evacuating there was amazing.

>> and jeremy, william was in intensive care . he was born with a serious heart condition.

>> correct.

>> you need power and electricities for the machines to keep him alive.

>> absolutely. lucky for us two days earlier he had come off of some of the more intensive machinery so he was relatively portable and able to be evacuated.

>> they all look great and they're all doing well. what we should say is sometimes the best things come out of the toughest circumstances. and so clearly you have evidence of that and you are having a field day with my questions, aren't you? as you mark this one year birthday and one year anniversary, any major thoughts?