TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Trick and treat yourself a healthy Halloween

Jenna and Hoda join NBC News diet and nutrition Madelyn Fernstrom for a fun game that also provides some nutritional tips for Halloween.

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all right. you know how you trick or treat with your kid. and you can't help but sneak a few goodies to munch on.

>> and you stand at the door handing out the treats for the little goblins, before you know what's in the candies bag, it's good to know the calories.

>> so you don't blow your diet with health and diet editor madeline.

>> hi, how are you?

>> we're going trick or treating together.

>> we're going to door number 1 .

>> trick or treat !

>> both of these treats have the same calories. one has a lot less fat, is it the tootsie roll --

>> it's the tootsie roll .

>> it is the tootsie roll .

>> i love those.

>> one for jenna.

>> i like to ring door number 2 .

>> okay.

>> open the door .

>> here's two candy favorites. fun size servings. three three musketeers and two of the reese's peanut buttercups. which has fewer calories.

>> three musketeers.

>> i don't even want to know that because we prefer this.

>> there's only 40 calories difference, if you want more volume, take these three.

>> i don't like three musketeers.

>> okay.

>> next door, here we go.

>> knock, knock.

>> trick or treat !

>> one of these treats has 50 cal eye ares, is it a fruit roll up ore.

>> know it! it's the fruit rollup.

>> it's the fruit rollup.

>> all right.

>> all right.

>> ding-dong.

>> trick or treat !

>> now we have candy corn and plain m and ms which has less sugar per serving.

>> hoda?

>> less sugar per serving.

>> candy corn is eating few ining pure sugar.

>> i'm winning. knock, knock, knock.

>> trick or treat !

>> now, we have a popcorn ball or rice krispy treat? which has fewer than 100 calories?

>> rice krispy treat.

>> you've been trick or treating. 90 calories for that, 100 calories for the popcorn ball.

>> this is the last door, it's double or nothing -- whoever gets this --

>> no, we have a bonus.

>> except for the bonus.

>> for 45 calories which --

>> dum-dum.

>> dum-dum!

>> okay.

>> now, how many gummi bears can you eat for 100 calories, 10, 20 or 30?

>> 20!

>> no, wait.

>> 30!

>> no.

>> this is it, 100 calories.

>> that's all?

>> so gummi bears --

>> jenna wins.

>> nobody wins if this is all you can eat for 100 calories. at least you're not giving out celery.

>> oh.

>> that's so nice. thank you, jerry.