TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wide are expecting

“SNL” alumnus Jason Sudeikis and actress Olivia Wide are expecting a baby, Julianne Hough apologizes for wearing blackface, and Jay-Z responds to allegations of racism against Barneys, a company he has partnered with for his charity: All those recaps and more in Today’s Buzz.

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>>> all right. we're back on this funday monday. getting you caught up on all things hollywood. jenna bush hager is here helping me do a fantastic job.

>> it's fun. here to fill us in on celebrity scoop, my man, rob chuter.

>> hello.

>> all right, rob. let's talk about chris brown .

>> this is a big story .

>> what is wrong with him?

>> over the weekend, he was caught in a brawl in d.c., in the wee hours of the morning, 4:30 in the morning, he got in an altercation outside the "w" hotel. a very fancy hotel in d.c. he was arrested, taken away.

>> what did he say before, i just want to punch somebody?

>> that's been alleged. we don't know all the facts yet. it's still murky. there's several stories out there, including that one. this is where he's going to get in terrible trouble. he's still on probation.

>> what is the violence?

>> what is he doing?

>> i think at some point, somebody has to realize he needs to get serious help. these sessions, he's done his community service , but it appears it's not helping.

>> it's a pattern.

>> he's in trouble.

>> he needs a serious change.

>> i think this might be it.

>> do you think?

>> this could be the big one.

>>> julianne hough who we love, such a great girl may have stepped into it with a halloween costume .

>> made a terrible choice. her show is "orange is the new black." she went for halloween in what some people say is black face .

>> it is, right?

>> she's wearing very soft makeup. to her credit, she knew immediately this was a terrible choice and sent out a tweet apologizing, taking responsibility, saying she's very sorry.

>> to her credit, you almost wish she would have thought of that before she did it.

>> do you remember when prince harry went in britain dressed as a nazi for halloween?

>> i remember that.

>> i think sometimes, you just make silly choices. she's a great girl.

>> it's never okay.

>> it's funny, she didn't have funs around that said, honey, that's not a great idea. surprise shed walked out the door that night.

>> was among friends that night who were all dressed the same.

>> let's talk about barney's. there's some been some controversy about african-americans who have been shopping there and have had the cuffs slapped on them accused of stealing stuff. jay z has a line or talking about a line at barney's?

>> he has a successful clothing line. and spends a fortune for jay z . he has a collection. a lot of people have come forward, saying, jay, you got to pull the line. got to do something. jay z took to his own page on facebook. he said, let me talk about this. i don't want to rush to judgment, he said if we accuse of doing stuff before it's proven, isn't that as bad as profiling?

>> see, that's what i love about him. we're so easy to jump. it's nice to take a breath.

>> he said, why vilify it. ultimately, he said, this isn't going to hurt barney's or me. but it is is going to hurt a charity that he has a lot of money for.

>> we have good news. thank god, it's high time . who had a baby, somebody had a baby? or is pregnant.

>> we love he's going to be a dad. they announced it. they got engaged in january. they've been dating for a couple years. they met in the finale of "snl" a couple years ago.