TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Jenna Bush Hager: Motherhood is the best

As she fills in for Kathie Lee, the daughter of former president George W. Bush talks about being a new mother and how it’s been “the best thing to happen in the entire world.” She also shares pictures of her baby daughter Mila in a Halloween costume.

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>>> oh, indeed. it is fun day monday. october 28th . kathie lee is out. guess who is here? jenna bush hager . you're sitting here, your phone dinged or buzzed.

>> it buzzed.

>> and what --

>> well, my mother who is watching wrote me this. just breathe, take deep breaths and go into zen mode like dad did before the debate. [ laughter ]

>> all right. mom, for you, i'm going to do a yoga breath.

>> this is so much fun. you were busy this week. i tried to call you, we were talking about the show.

>> we were both at best friends ' right? i was at my best friend 's wedding she was the most lovely bride. was? she is. it was so much fun. we were in san antonio . look at how lovely she is. that's her husband, harry from new zealand. that's my husband.

>> you two know how to cut the rug?

>> oh, my gosh.

>> why are their ties off?

>> it's the late night tour. henry does this dirty dancing move where he picks people up.

>> he does that?

>> mia weighs about four pounds, picked her up. my friend, six pounds i'm sprinting towards him and he's ahh -- honey, that's really rude, i'm married to you. my sister and i have a bucking bronco where i ride her across the floor like a horse.

>> do you still?

>> are we too old?

>> how about you?

>> i had a great weekend. i went to new orleans. like we said. we called you. karen, my best friend loves jenna. we at alled you. anyway, we had a great time. i spoke at a conference. a whole bunch of college kids . god knows why they watch our show. they do. then i went to my old television station . look at me, i'm the idiot in the back. i photo-bombed the news desk.

>> what are they thinking?

>> carl --

>> that's me. i'm the weird one. i'm like a jack in the box .

>> did carl know?

>> carl knew. that's karen.

>>> halloween's knocking on the door.

>> your little mila, how old is she?

>> she's 6 months. i don't care about my costume. but the baby costume --

>> we ordered the costume. my husband doesn't want me to spend more than $15, $20. there it is. that is the before. there's the after. she freaked off. once it's off, she's like hallelujah, mom. in her mouth --

>> what was that?

>> it was a lion. it was in her mouth. it was all up her nose. i had to get that squeezy thing and get it out. i'm a cat person, you all know that. when she didn't like her lion costume, we sent it back. we sent it back. we have a couple other things coming in the mail.

>> you've been a mom obviously for six months. you like it. what is it like? this morning, you woke up you what's it like for you?

>> it's the best thing in the entire world. just to be with that sweet little -- how cow not love those cheeks. but also, she's cool.

>> she already has a personality.

>> everybody except my mom probably thinks that. look at that. she's the sunniest --

>> i've got to tell you, before i knew you, before i knew you --

>> you were scared of me?

>> i was scared of you. i remember covering the news. every now and then, we'd put up a picture of you. you would pop up in our newscast. for some reason, i distinctly remember this one. welcome to the show -- you know why i love that picture, you're like the prince harry of your family. you're like the wild one.

>> everybody has one black sheep , right? honestly, i was trying to make my dad laugh. and believe don't believe it. my sister has a stuffed animal she's had for 32 years. we were playing with it. i said, dad, watch this, my dad said, that's going to end up on the front page , you watch. it's going to end up in the front page . i was doing the elliptical about to do a speech, i'm great, helping my dad out, there --

>> there was the one.

>> it was humiliating, of course. luckily, they have a sense of humor.

>> it's halloween. they did a survey, you guys on the most popular candy. no surprise, jenna or myself, that reese's are the number one candy.

>> who created chocolate and peanut butter ?

>> that's a genius move. number two, m&ms, three snickers, kit-kat. my least favorite --

>> three musketeers?

>> why?

>> they're mushy and there's nougat inside.

>> my least favorite is almond joy .

>> you don't like coconut?

>> i like coconut cake. but chocolate and almond, no thank you.

>> you trick or treat for mila, what's that like?

>> first of all, these 6 months, they won't be having candy. we're going trick or treat , but i'm sure people are going to say, what's the president doing here?

>> what!

>> an interesting costume. we got this on the half price rack.

>> what do you get asked the most about your dad, your family?

>> everybody always says, what's it like living in the white house . then i wrote they really -- it catches them off guard. it's like, oh, i thought we caught up with you. you never lived there. but then, of course, the oatmeal.

>> what? the.

>> the oatmeal at the white house . what do you mean why?

>> the food?

>> the food. the oatmeal in particular.

>> there is a law. a nationwide law. pennsylvania touched on it that it is illegal to touch a woman's belly without her permission.

>> while she's pregnant. don't touch my stomach right now that should be illegal.

>> i think there's a thing where people feel -- i bet they did it to you, they walked up and put their hand --

>> it's a rite of passage . what pregnant woman was not touched. it was sweet. i didn't love when they were too high up or too low down.

>> oh, gosh.

>> okay. but it's sweet. sorry, mom, she just said enough.

>> well, speaking of babies, the prince, the new prince has a new baby. we can't get enough of these photos. this was from the christening, you guys. we saw one with that long gown which is beautiful. you can even believe --

>> you can believe her. look how lovely and elegant she.

>> she was playing volleyball, did you see her. she had on wedges. her stomach was flat as a board.

>> i had a baby a few months before she did. looking at pictures like that makes me cry.

>> do you feel when people have a baby around you --

>> it makes you feel a little bad . the thing is, i got an extra couple pounds. you eat it or drink it off.

>> you suggested these margaritas. i wasn't for it.

>> you said the tequila shot --

>> i said that, i said, we should have that at 9:30. you said your mom would be mad.

>> i said i might throw up a little bit in my mouth.

>> speaking of that, miley cyrus is back on the cover. she's speaking a lot. she made grammy statements that i'm literally the one everybody is talking about. she calls herself the underdog. it's almost like i'm like punk rock . society wants to shut me down.

>> i have to say i did dance to this song this weekend. we're talking about her right now.

>> and i do like her music a lot.

>> i like this to dance to.

>> do you like dancing? how do you dance?

>> like that.

>> she did say on her breakup with liam hemsworth, this is the best time of my life . she did say this is the best time of my life .

>> the truth is what girl is going to say i just got dumped. she looks great. she's very thin. a great body. dancing, singing. i don't know, i would personally want to wear a couple more clothes or want my child to wear more clothes and put the foam finger away or the tongue back in the mouth.

>> well, miley the next madonna. when you act strange , you have to keep up with the game. like what do you do? how much weirder do you get?

>> i think people like people who are like themselves. if you have to be people that have to be themselves, you can't be the next anything. madonna was the first.

>> you're right. oprah was the first. favorite things, girl. what did you bring? show me!

>> oh, yeah. these are the most precious foots from anderson bean company in mercedes, texas . they're $35. what texas girl -- every texas girl needs a pair. every american girls need a pair of those.

>> these are only 35 bucks, that's a deal.

>> aren't they cute?

>> i love them. mine is -- i was in new orleans, had a great time, there was a restaurant calls cochon --

>> been there. it's sick!

>> food is crazy. they had fried spare ribs . i thought i don't know if i'm going to like them. fried spare ribs and mint jelly. sounds not great.

>> i spent a new year's dinner there at cochon.

>> that's how say it --

>> you say cochoon?

>> you liked it --

>> oh, my gosh.