TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Top Google searches: Lou Reed, Janelle Monae

Daniel Sieberg from Google shares some of the hot topics people searched for the past couple of days, such as Lou Reed, the World Series and singer Janelle Monae, who was the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live.”

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>>> whether the world series or passing of a rock legend, there were a lot of stories that had you checking your phones and laptops over the weekend.

>> willie's beard was trending for a while, but we thought it was too self grandizing.

>> but people liked it.

>> it spiked really hard over the weekend. let's start with a little sad news. we learned of the passing of lou reed .

>> yes, at age 71 from complications of a liver transplant. and so many people went online to look up his career. influential is the word that trended around him. you talk about the bands who were influenced by him, r.e.m., u2, talking heads. and they had a ripple effect across the industry. and i it read only about 30,000 people apparently bought the first album. a rough estimate. but the rumor is that they all went off --

>> punk before there was punk.

>> and next one, world series . now tied up two games a piece. but it was game three on saturday that had people questioning the winning call at the end.

>> you see the obstruction.

>> so everybody just thought this is a crazy ending to this game. one of the most bizarre endings to any game. and people just wanted to see it for themselves what exactly happened. and what was the rule. everyone wanted to see did the umps get it right and i think the consensus is that they did.

>> a lot of red sox fans were furious at that moment. let it marinate and said i hate to say it, but probably the right call. and they're happier now because they won last night.

>> exactly.

>> so now a little one d. they have a new song out.

>> new album, new song. and turns out this is a little bit of a departure for one direction. i admit i'm not a huge fan, but in any case, the music is a little more folksy, sort of mumfo mumford and sons. they were afraid they would scare off their fans.

>> if this is it, i like it a lot.

>> and you can see their progression. they have gone a little more adult with their look and their feel.

>> i think so. and they have to to always keep relevant.

>> and their lyrics --

>> the story of my life by the way. and on snl this weekend, a lot of people checking her out online, wanted to know who she was.

>> her album is electric lady and performance was described as very electric. she has an eclectic style and caught people's attention with the songs she performed. maybe songs who hadn't heard of her before were searching her out. her last album had to do with androids. she has her own style going on. just the kind of music that you get into. very catchy.

>> performance like that can make people explode.

>> a real rising star .

>> she was here on the plaza a couple months ago. daniel, as always, thank you so much.