TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Willie shows off ‘manly, rugged’ beard progress

TODAY’s Willie Geist worked hard over the weekend to grow a beard, after his co-anchors Natalie Morales and Al Roker gave him the challenge on Friday’s show. He shows off his stubble but confesses he wants to shave it off after the show.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this monday morning october 28th , 2013 . i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie mormorales. we know what you did this weekend.

>> you look so nice.

>> i like it.

>> on friday natalie issued a challenge.

>> given the world series , all the guys wearing the big beards. the beard sox p. i said just go the weekend. and we asked you should willie grow a beard or not.

>> let's go to the numbers.

>> but you did it just for the weekend. okay. now, this does not take into account my twitter feed. because my twitter feed overwhelmingly said yes, go for it. but according to our facebook viewers, 29% of you say absolutely let it go. 71% say no, keep it clean.

>> i must say, i think you should keep this going.

>> no, this is the two days.

>> this makes you look more manly.

>> you look rugged.

>> it's rugged after two, but after about four to six, it gets patchy.

>> couldn't you wait a couple more days just to see?

>> if we could just to that, i would do that.

>> i don't think that's going to happen.

>> that's years town tdown the road.

>> let me give you reasons why. there is a great graphic from dog house diaries. they have beard facts. here are reasons why you should grow a beard . it could filter the air of toxins, pollutions and stray food. natural bear repellant when camping or wandering in the woods.

>> that happens a lot to you.

>> acts as a homing beacon .

>> that i believe. stroke the beard .

>> stroking of the beard increases concentration and cognitive ability. and it also quadruples handsomeness.

>> would you agree?

>> i think so.

>> i could barely stand you.

>> i thought you were in on this with me. al shows up clean shaven .

>> this is my beard . here and here, same hing thing.

>> i should go a couple more days.

>> stop it the both of you.

>> what time are you shaving it off is?

>> 10:01 .

>> that's hardly an effort.

>> i do this sometimes on the weekend, so i don't think she noticed. but i think she'll see it on the show and say what the hell are you doing. let's talk about your weekend. every website this morning had video of al roker at the drake concert. let's take a look and tell us what's going on here.

>> you sat out there for four hours.

>> yeah. i cooperakoo i couldn't get tickets to see drake and my daughter and a friend wanted to go see drake . i couldn't get tickets for the barcl barclays. then he was performing last night. and today is a school day . so i couldn't do that. so he's at hartford, so i drove two hours and the nice folks were very lovely, i had a good time. but she wanted to see the opening act was future. and then this guy miguel and then drake . ly miguel had a jacket with like feathers on it. heck of a dancer. and then came drake .y miguel had a jacket with like feathers on it. heck of a dancer. and then came drake . miguel had a jacket w ith like feathers on it. heck of a dancer. and then came drake . miguel had a jacket wi th like feathers on it. heck of a dancer. and then came drake . so i was there for about four hours. plus the two hours out, spent the night, two hours back. and i hash tagged officially too old. because this is coming for you, my friend. i'm sitting there and i've got my daughter and her friend. they're 14 years old. and there are college it guys in front, they start trying to hit on my daughter.

>> and you're setting right there. i was like, yo, dude, hello. i will kill you, i'll drop you right here. she's 14 do you want to die? is the last they think you want to see drake ? because there will be nothing else after that.

>> good thing you were there.

>> how did she take it.

>> she was okay. she was okay with it. but to me what's stunning is the number of parents who just drop their kids and let them go in.

>> how is your hearing this morning?

>> i got it back about yesterday afternoon. a nice security guard gave me ear plugs. and what's amazing, the base. it feels like you're inside being liquidated. just complete --

>> you've never sounded older than you sound right now.

>> i'm telling you, there were some kids in front who had snuck down in front. and people were coming to take pictures. which was very nice. and these girls say, are you somebody we should know? i said no. are you famous? no. are we too young to know who you are? i said yes.

>> they're too young or you're too old.

>> either way, you know. wow. but that was my first hip hop concert.

>> most importantly, it your daughte today your daughter enjoy the show?

>> she had the best time. and that's all that matters.

>> we do want you to tweet us what to you fe what do you feel too old to be doing.

>> so tweet us what you've done that makes you too old.

>> i'm getting to the point where it's everything.

>> bad grandpa exploded at the movie theater . $32 million. this sort of where johnny knoxville shows up and does all of these stunts. take a look at the clip.

>> let's have some fun. take it easy

>> are you going to fix that penguin, bro.

>> no, nothing.

>> follow my lead.

>> are you okay?

>> i'm amazed that people actually fall for that.

>> literally.

>> yeah. they think it's real.

>> but if you're not expecting it, and the guy just --

>> like jackass meets borad.

>> i've been a sucker for the jackass guys since they began.

>> this knocked gravity out.

>> a big weekend . also across the street, ed norton was hosting snl. he got some familiar faces to show up for his monologue.

>> did someone say my name?

>> it's incredibly great to see you. i actually did not say your name.

>> i think we can all agree you were headed in that direction. you need to be nimble, ready for curve balls.

>> i'm ready.

>> no, you're not. take's w ee why that's why i'm here. this is the warm up for dramatic actors. give me your best woody.

>> don't put me on the spot like that. i'm trying to have a good time here.

>> i meant woody harrelson .

>> that was good.

>> and miley cyrus showed up, too.

>> and monet performed. what a great voice.

>> and of course football.

>> oh, my gosh. the best damn band in the land , ohio state university , they beat penn state on saturday, blew them out, but remember just last weekend, they did this incredible michael jackson tribute where they did the moon walk . the entire band. look at that.

>> and this was all sped up, but still.

>> we sped it up, but that's the band doing the moon walk .

>> while they're playing.

>> so now they tried to top that. and you know about the rivalry between ohio state and michigan . this was at halftime.

>> harry potter playing quidditch.

>> and jurassic park . a tribute to hollywood.

>> dinosaur eating the michigan logo right there.

>> that's pretty impressive. and then they sink the michigan battleship. that is insane.

>> this is next level band work.

>> really beyond next level. i don't think anyone can compete with that. that is very cool.

>> pirates of the caribbean .

>> incredible.

>> we need join that band. i used to play the flute.

>> i did a little baton twirling in my day. i don't like to talk about it. i could lead us out on to the field. a story for another day. remember, i was a beard . i'm a tough by.

>> that makes you much more manly. i'm going to go over and see you twirl the baton.