TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Take a look inside new Grace Kelly exhibit

Superstar actress Grace Kelly became famous for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock films in the early 1950s, and people became even more fascinated with her life after she married Prince Rainier of Monaco. Now her wedding invitation, Oscar and costumes are on display in a new exhibit. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> and now celebrating the life of grace kelly . kate snow caught up with her son and his wife to talk about what made his mother such an icon.

>> reporter: she went from hollywood royalty to princess. grace kelly rocketed to stardom in the early '50s in three alfred hitchcock classics and a role in the country girl . that winded her a best actress oscar .

>> i can only say thank you with all my heart.

>> reporter: hard to believe maybe, but she only appeared in 11 feature films in a career that spanned just five years before giving it all up to marry her prince.

>> he whisks her off to his pink and white castle on the eve of the wedding of the year.

>> reporter: her wedding invitation , her oscar, costumes from iconic roles and that famous handbag named after her all part of the new exhibit just outside philadelphia with clothing and memorabilia donated by grace kelly 's family, including her son, prince albert of monaco .

>> i think it was a way to engage everybody and to show what a wonderful person she was, how she influenced a lot of people's lives.

>> reporter: this exhibit is filled with dozens of gorgeous dresses from every phase of her fairy tale life. but being a fashion icon wasn't the only role grace kelly played. home movies show a relaxed princess grace being a mom.

>> the fact that she spent a lot of time with us and that she tried to make us feel as though we were having as normal an upbringing as possible under very unusual circumstances i think is a tribute to her intelligence and to her will heart.

>> do you think she missed making movies ?

>> i think she did at some part of her life. she was very close in at least participating in a movie project. i'm sure she would have loved to be connected to the movie business again.

>> if she were with us, she would be in her 80s now. what would she make of this?

>> i think shiee would be very touched by the tribute to her life and to what she tried to accomplish. i think we've done it with the right tone. and i think she'd be very touched and also amused by it.

>> amused.

>> in certain ways. because there are some personal items in there that were never shown before. and so i think she would be tickled by it.

>> reporter: her story is about to get even more exposure. a new film starring nicole kidman is due on the early next year and contains major historical untruths. prince albert would rather people remember his mother the way he does, not as a princess or actress, but a human being who cared about others. do you miss her?

>> of course. it was such a sudden parting and there were times where we wish she was there to give us the right advice and the right kind of direction. there is not a day when i don't positi think about her.

>> reporter: kate snow , nbc news, pennsylvania.