TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Search for face of Obamacare site goes viral

After 27 days as the face of government glitches, the smiling mystery model who appeared on has been replaced by an interactive graphic. Now, the search is on for the woman behind the stock photo, as even “Saturday Night Live” spoofed the site.

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>>> huffington "post," obama care's mystery woman . as the government scrambles to fix the glitches on this health care website, something else is grabbing attention this morning. this is what health care .gov looks look like now. notice anything missing? it's that him woulwoman, that's right. no one knows who she is, but her picture has now disappeared. and that's intense intensified the search for the actual woman. apparently she said no thank you.

>> not a success story. people are like but i entered my password, what happened.

>> and the troubles of that website proved great fodder for the folks at "saturday night live". take a look.

>> and be sure to like us on facebook. oh, look at that. we're already up to three likes. and i like that enthusiasm. i.t., can we get someone from i.t. in here?

>> fixed it!