TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

$100 boxers put men in the lap of luxury

These boxers are fit for a king, and with a price tag to match! Matt Butlein, president of, introduces the fancy pants, which boast a seamless, ventilated style, and the anchors discuss: What other items are worth the splurge?

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>> feed, 30 life changing things worth every penny. apparently items that you shouldn't feel guilty spending on. some of our favorites, a really good mattress and sheets with a high thread count. a great set of strong tires.

>> sure.

>> and plushy toilet paper. so what is worth every penny?

>> a good cup of coffee for me.

>> good cocktail. a good solid top shelf vodka. that's important to me.

>> socks. good socks. socks that stay up.

>> how about underwear?

>> i don't mean to brag, but -- for the guys out there, you're soon going to be able to find out. there is a new pair of underpants for men and it costs $100. the underwear will soon be available on fresh

>> i love this guy's name.

>> matt butt did tline is the president of the website.

>> nice to see you.

>> these are them, $100 a pair?

>> what is the difference?

>> so the first thing is actually the construction. so they're made of three fabrics and there is no stitching.

>> gold better be one of them. no stitching?

>> no stitching in the body. so they're sonically bonded. so you'll notice there is no seams.

>> no fly either.

>> no. it's to keep everything in place. so you'll notice over the --

>> we'll explain later.

>> over the pouch, there is actually an ultra light micro fiber , so it will keep you in place without making you feel like you're in a locker.

>> so no chafing, but is there extra padding?

>> no extra padding, no.

>> matt, are you wearing these right now?

>> i'm wearing these right now.

>> a yotake your pants off. let's see what they look like.

>> keep your pants on.

>> it's very breezy.

>> do they feel good?

>> yeah.

>> are you really wearing them?

>> ed ed had them on since 6:00 and i've had a smile on my face.

>> does it have the $100 effect?

>> yes, it does.

>> are you coming out with some for women?

>> only thing i compare to is a good bra fitting. the same revelation is what you get when you put these on.

>> we have to tell you, because we work for a news organization, we're not allowed to keep these. so we'll be sending these back.

>> turn them inside out.

>> it's a system.

>> the inside is like a mesh hammock to keep everything separated.

>> i'm sorry, are we on television right now? what is going on?

>> it's technically a mesh pouch.

>> much better.

>> here is 100 bucks. thanks, mr. buttline.

>> matt, thank you.

>> thank you so much.

>> wow. that's what's trending today,