TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Hands off! State outlaws pregnant belly rubs

A touchy situation has turned into a legal issue in Penn., where rubbing a woman’s pregnant belly without consent is now against the law. Legal officials say that the unwanted attention violates state harassment laws.

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>> your hands to yourself. we have all seen this happen. a stranger walks up to a pregnant woman and without warning starts touching her belly. this happened to you.

>> it happened to me all the time. when a man comes up to you, it's a little creepy.

>> it's awkward and in pennsylvania, it is illegal it turns out. a law in that state prohibits people from touching a pregnant woman 's belly without her permission. doing so violates the state's harassment law. apparently it's a case interpreting the law and found in the case of this person in pennsylvania, they were harassing the woman by touching her on the belly.

>> repeatedly apparently. i think you have to ask permission.

>> so okay if it's a female, but a male --

>> a little weird.

>> like when i rub your belly in the morning.