TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Ringo to fans in ‘64 photo: Roll down your window!

The high school students who were photographed in a Chevrolet Impala by the Beatles’ drummer 49 years ago were skipping school to see the Fab Four, and now, five of the students will get to meet Starr in Las Vegas.

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>>> now to a "today" exclusive. mystery we brought you on trending last week. who was in this photo taken by ringo starr ? that mystery has now been resolved. when the beatles first came to america in 1964 , it set off a frenzy of fans eager to get up close to the biggest selling band of all-time. just last week, ringo starr set off his own frenzy after a story ran in " usa today " calling for a search for the people in this photograph. snapped by starr himself on that very first trip here to the states, as a car load of teens passed the band while driving by. starr has included the photo in a new exhibit and book of his pictures called "photograph" which comes out next month. well, that was 49 years ago. have a seat here, matt. here is our fab five. and we recreated the photo. can we show to everybody? this is "today". there is 49 years ago. you have not aged a bit. this is gary, bob, suzanne, arlene, charles. welcome to all of you. so what was it like to find out ringo starr is looking for you? were you surprised?

>> unbelievable. yes. couldn't imagine that -- i didn't even know he took the picture, first of all. and i missed all the hype of trying to find us.

>> we should also mention that you had kind of lost contact with some of these other people, as well. so who was the one who reached out, who got in touch with everybody?

>> the one that reached out to me are the two girls that chickened out the day that we were supposed to cut school. which was linda and carol.

>> i bet linda and carol are sad now.

>> yes, they are.

>> let's go to that day. you cut school. it's the british invasion . you know where they are. you were the one driving. talk to me about the encounter. when you actually pulled up and there was ringo .

>> there was a funeral procession because there were a bufrk bunch of limousines in a row. but the third one, we realized that's the beatles. so we waved to each one of them and the last one was ringo and he's the one that said roll down your window.

>> and they kind of lingered there and chatted with you.

>> at 50 miles an hour.

>> what was he saying to you?

>> i can't remember exactly what he said. he might have said where are you from because i was wearing my fairlawn jacket. so i took it off and i hung it out of the car. and i think he got a picture. but then in "life" magazine, it said that we were from fairlawn because he took the picture of my jacket. but they never put that picture in "life" magazine.

>> is it true you didn't recognize yourself when you saw the picture on the news?

>> it is true. but i would like to say that when will ringo had rolled down the window, he did say to us -- well, he said hello, love.

>> that was to gary.

>> i hope it was me. and he said where are you from. and i said fairlawn .

>>> we're back with our folks from the famous ringo starr photo. would you li november 22nd in las vegas , he's putting on a show, you're going. you're going to meet him. and we're going to capture it live. not live, but we'll capture it on tape and that way we can share it with our viewers.

>> thank you.

>> it only took 49 years, but we got it done. congratulations.

>> that will be fun.