TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Buy Misty for me: Dinosaur on sale for $1 million

The 150 million-year-old remains of a 50-foor Diplodocus longus are ib sale at an England auction house for a cool $1 million. The leaf-eating dinosaur was found four years ago in Wyoming.

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>>> have you ever wanted to own your very own dinosaur? who hasn't. you don't need a time machine . just a million dollars or so. here is might chellght b michelle kozinski with the story.

>> reporter: those long bones, that smile. have you ever seen anything like this?

>> no.

>> misty is a 50-foot long dinosaur, 150 million years old.

>> reporter: so how did misty get here where she enjoys regular dustings, visitors of all type. the leaf eater was found four years ago in wyoming. by a dinosaur hunter's young children.

>> getting in the way of the proper bone hunt. and he said go find a dinosaur somewhere else. and came back and said, dad, we just discovered a huge bone.

>> reporter: and voila.

>> so that's a real bone that has turned to stone?

>> absolutely.

>> that must weigh a ton.

>> it does.

>> reporter: the wild, wild collection was put together. musty could brig misty could bring in up to $1 million.

>> what will impress your friends?

>> couldn't fit in my house.

>> reporter: this was a real creature that walked this earth more than 100 million years ago.

>> i just sat down looking up at it thinking, wow, i would like to buy that. misty the dinosaur, who will pay misty for me?

>> reporter: someone will.

>> we'd love her on to go to a good home where she'll be cherished.

>> reporter: gazing at us through that unfathomable span of time. for "today," michelle kozinski, nbc news, england.

>> you could put that in your house, right?

>> the dusting alone is retick could y ridiculous.

>> auction takes place next month