Julianne Hough dresses up as Crazy Eyes from 'Orange is the New Black' as she attends the Casamigos Tequila halloween party in Hollywood
Devone Byrd / PacificCoastNews

TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Julianne Hough’s Halloween blackface sparks outrage

For Halloween, the 25-year-old actress dressed up as the African-American character “Crazy Eyes” from the Netflix drama “Orange Is the New Black,” and after photos of in dark makeup surfaced online, people called her costume offensive.

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>>> cull pa from an access who caused a stir at a halloween party. joe fryer has the story.

>> reporter: it's a halloween costume that created so much controversy julianne hough was apologizing just hours after she wore it.

>> it's very offensive. i don't think that's what halloween is supposed to be about.

>> reporter: she's best known for " dancing with the stars " and movies like rock of ages an foot loose. friday night, photos show her arriving at a hal would he be party wearing dark makeup.would he be party wearing dark makeup.

>> you lilt a fire inside me.

>> reporter: dressed up as the character crazy eyes from orange is the new black.

>> black paface is always going to be problematic. it has a deep painful history in america.

>> reporter: black face makeup daets back to the 19th century when shows created offensive racial stereotypes. but it's also sparked recent controversy even if the mote separation is entirely different. ted danson was criticized for his appearance at a roast for whoopi goldberg . and even in the entertainment world, there is debate over the character in tropic thunder and billy crystal as sammy davis junior . as for hough, her costume got instant criticism. by saturday morning, she tweeted an apology writing, it certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or toddemeaning to anyone. i truly apologize. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles .

>> hard to believe.

>> i mean, you have to think ahead of time. black face always is problematic. it's never a good idea.

>> and in this day and age, it's unacceptable.

>> hard to imagine how that