TODAY   |  October 28, 2013

Obama feeling heat from European allies over spying

Unhappy with the Obama administration after learning that the U.S. has spied on dozens of European leaders, the European Union is threatening to cancel pending trade talks. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> nsa spying program. some of the closest allies are furious. andrea mitchell is chief foreign affairs correspondent. andrea, good morning.

>> reporter: today reports in a major spanish paper that the nsa recently tracked more than 60 million calls in only one month. this as germany spy chiefs are heading to washington this week demanding answers about the nsa spying on angela merkel . with europe glademanding new rules of the road . as europe reacts angrily to news that the u.s. spied on 35 leaders, including listening in on angela merkel 's personal cell phone . in her case, for more than a decade. all from what is called tas nest, a cia unit inside the embassy this berlin. how did did the mapmn become the subject of europe 's scorn? ed ward snowed's latest revelations have forced president obama to apologize to hollande, merkel and as well as current and former leaders in mexico. and while the nsa scandal is now also causing protests at home, with european allies, it could cost serious money. the european union , america's largest trading partner, is threatening to cancel pending trade talks with the u.s..

>> when we're doing this on girl a germany , france, great britain, these kinds of things just trample trust.

>> reporter: they say most of the spying is legitimate for the protection of the u.s. and its allies.

>> so a bad guy in afghanistan can use networks in france or germany or great britain or the united states and plan operations with somebody else who may be in afghanistan. but you could still use all of those networks.

>> reporter: the nsa has issued an unusual denial of a report that says president obama had been told three years ago that the nsa was eavesdropping on merkel's cell phone , but that is the only clear dem nial.