TODAY   |  October 27, 2013

Food pantry still rebuilding one year after Sandy

Some communities are still recovering a year after Superstorm Sandy. While the progress may be slow, the signs of a new beginning are around the corner. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> year people have worked around the clock to rebuild. dylan visited one new york city neighborhood to see how they're doing.

>> i did. it was touching to see everything going on. recovering from a large disaster is not easy, but there has been a remarkable effort by everyone involved to come back stronger than ever.

>> reporter: in the far rockaways of new york city , a rebirth is taking place at bethel church and food pantry , a cornerstone of the neighborhood for nearly 15 years, until october 29, 2012 . hurricane sandy tore through this community, leaving a path of destruction and almost $33 billion in needed repairs and restoration.

>> this was an immense storm. the number of people and the number of individuals and the number of homes and businesses that were compromised is beyond imagination.

>> reporter: it's been a whole year, but it looks like here at the food pantry work is just getting started.

>> we have already had ourselves 15,000 individuals come here filling over 25,000 volunteer positions. i know we could safely double the number of volunteers we have and there would still be work to be done.

>> reporter: the line on this wall showing just how much water came through far rock a ways largest food pantry .

>> there's a major need for the food pantry now, more so than even before.

>> reporter: before sandy, the pantry served close to 800 family as month. what have you been doing to keep things up and running?

>> i have names on a database of the sangd shut-in, the handicap. i would go to their homes. i was receiving small deliveries. i would do it from the trunk of the kafrmt people have to eat.

>> reporter: today a team of 15 are bringing the pantry back to life again. volunteer susan o'reilly spent her summers in the rockaways as a child.

>> it's a way of giving back to a place that gave me so much.

>> reporter: bruce wreck ter, a physician says he gets more than he gives. showing a year later, this community is still standing strong.

>> there is still a lot of work to be done, but i'm told that more and more volunteers are helping out every day to help get this food pantry back on its feet. in just the short time i was there that day, the 15 people who showed up, the place looked so different. they were already tearing up the carpet, rebuilding the walls. what volunteers can get done in a short period of time really makes all the difference.

>> it is remarkable. we saw so much of that, too, in the wake of sandy. knives to see it's still continuing a year later.

>> there's no sandy fatigue. it's great that people are still out there.

>> nice story. dylan, thanks.