TODAY   |  October 27, 2013

N.C. fair operator accused of tampering with ride

The man who was operating a ride at a North Carolina state fair is now facing criminal charges for a frightening accident that sent five people to the hospital. TODAY’s Tom Llamas reports.

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>> was a horrible scene on thursday night in raleigh, north carolina , when a ride started moving as people were getting off injuring five of them. now police say this wasn't just an accident. it was criminal.

>> reporter: the georgia man operating this ride on thursday night is now facing three counts of assault with a deadly weapon .

>> we have determined that this ride was tampered with after the inspection and that critical safety devices were tampered with and compromised.

>> reporter: witnesses say the ride had stopped and people were getting off when something went wrong. the ride started moving again, injuring five people with three of them still in the hospital this weekend.

>> it just sounded like a bunch of stuff hitting metal.

>> reporter: according to the sheriff's department, 46-year-old timothy tutterrow was working as an independent contractor at the state fare.

>> he will be charged with three counts, assault with a deadly weapon .

>> reporter: authorities say their investigation is far from over.

>> the question that is being asked, will there be other arrests. the answer is yes, there probably will be.

>> we reached out to timothy tutterrow and his wife said no comment. the ride will remain closed through at least this weekend. three of the injured riders remain hospitalized.

>> interesting to hear as we see more information coming.