TODAY   |  October 26, 2013

Fallout over Katharine McPhee’s secret kiss

The actress Katharine McPhee and her husband are reportedly separated, and she is apparently embarrassed by a leaked photo that shows her kissing Michael Morris, the married former director of “Smash.” TODAY’s Erica Hill and Lester Holt interview E! correspondent Alicia Quarles.

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>>> this morning in today's hollywood headlines there is a new controversy brewing for rapper jay-z and a high profile hollywood breakup.

>> a couple of of high profile ones. nice to see you.

>> good to see you all.

>> this is getting leave attention in new york city .

>> yes.

>> allegations that at barney's, a store here that jay-z has done a deal with for merchandise, some people accusing the store of discrimination. what is going on here?

>> a couple of people saying the store is racially profiling. the problem is jay-z has done a collection with them. people are calling for jay-z to boycott it and end the collaboration but everything is under investigation right now but the internal services of the nypd so we will see what happens.

>> we should powwe reached out to him for comment but he is not talking to anyone right now.

>> he not talking to anyone right now. if the allegations prove to be true i guarantee you he addresses it. attorney to know 25% of the sales for his collaboration is benefiting his charities and may be a reason he is not pulling out yet or saying neglect yet.

>> a photograph here she is kissing the director of her show and both are married separately and their spouses are not happy.

>> this photo was relieved a couple of days ago. obviously, it's a paparazzi shot. their spouses are not happy and both been married a long time. he for ten years and her for a lot of years. she has been separated it just came out. he has three small children and reportedly his wife has kicked him out and is very upset and we hear that katherine mcphee is very embarrassed and neither are making a statement.

>> another cup we hear is calling it quits. not a lot of people saw this one coming.

>> he is performing on broadway in "romeo and juliet" which i went to see it. miranda went to see it recently. a joint statement they have been separated some time and when she went to see him in the performance they were separated. they have a young son. i think this is amicable.

>> as long as they are sleeping better now a new christian grey.

>> i know you are.

>> this is a rough one. i don't know. christian grey person, a big deal .

>> jamie dornan , got him cast. charlie dropped out. jamie is in and he is hot. he is an actor, obviously, but also a calvin klein model.

>> there we go! look at that!

>> he played rugby and he has got some personal losses. his mother died when he was 16. if you know the book, christian grey has a very dark past so people are excited. erica, are you happy?

>> i haven't read the books. i'm happy if the people are happy with the choice. i read the books for research.

>> there we go.

>> research!

>> we know all about that kind of research here!

>> research, people.

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