TODAY   |  October 26, 2013

Should GOP official have resigned after interview?

A Republican precinct chairman in North Carolina resigned after an interview he gave to "The Daily Show" aired. TODAY viewers weighed in on whether or not it was appropriate for him to step down.

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>>> republican activist who resigned after an appearance on "the daily show ." where he made racial remarks. instead he says stands by everything he said.

>> reporter: don yelton is out of a job after discussing north carolina 's voter i.d. law on the show this week. his candid remarks sparking a firestorm of criticism.

>> when i was a young man, you didn't call a black a black. you called them a negro. i had a picture win time of obama sitting on a stump as a witch doctor and i posted that on facebook and i was making fun of the white half of obama and not the black half and now you have a black person using the term [ bleep ] [ bleep ] you're this and that and it's okay for them to do it.

>> you know we can hear you, right?

>> yes.

>> reporter: proponents of the voter i.d. law say it's nonpartisan a nonpartisan. they point to yelton's interview.

>> i always kick the democrats in the butt.

>> it just gives you a window of what some of these very conservative lawmakers are thinking.

>> reporter: after the interview aired, gop leaders called on yelton to resign his position as the chair of the republican party which he did on thursday. but given the chance to go back and do things differently, he wouldn't.

>> i'm not taking back anything that i said.

>> reporter: some on talk radio in his home state are standing by him.

>> i would not have said the things but to see someone who will just speak their mind and how refreshing and put it through some stupid filter because of pc correctness.

>> reporter: but others disagree.

>> on behalf of all republicans i'd like to apologize for his comments.

>> it doesn't surprise me because you realize still people fighting the civil war .

>> reporter: yelton's thoughts on the segment itself? he calls it masterpiece of parody and comedy and his party's response he didn't anticipate.

>> my party gave the power to "the daily show ." they hand the defendant over to them!

>> reporter: a leader unapologetic amid outrage and criticism.

>> tom is over in the orange room with a look at the results of our online survey about don yelton's resignation.

>> do you think he should have resigned after his comments on "the daily show "?

>> here is what you said. 72% said yes and 28% said no. this has a huge buzz all over the web. we got about 700 tweets and comments. if you'd want to fire off about this story tweet us on@"today" or to me.