TODAY   |  October 26, 2013

Lester makes guest appearance on ‘Law & Order’

“It was fun for me as a fan,” said TODAY’s Lester Holt, who played a newscaster on the popular show. He also made an appearance on Steve Harvey’s show, and was given a special surprise.

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>>> you thought it couldn't happen and perhaps you thought lester holt 's star could not shine brighter than it will does with three shows and now add a little " law & order spu." to his res michume.

>> wow.

>> that was kind of like a newscast, wasn't it? it was a bit -- , you know, that is the first time i've seen that? i'm busy. i never had a chance to watch it but it was a lot of fun doing that show. it aired this past wednesday. obviously, you didn't see it. what a great cast and crew. they have been doing that for so many years and so welcoming. it was fun for me as a fan.

>> you've done this before with other movies, right?

>> other shows, movies and things like that. usually when they do a newscast they tape it here and insert it but i got to go to their studios and have fun.

>> wait. there is more. prime time wasn't enough. we have to throw day time in there too. you made another stop at the " " steve harvey " show.

>> you've inspired a generation of anchors and we have a little surprise for you. there is one of these people back stage who wants to thank you in a special way.

>> okay.

>> so please welcome lester's oldest son, stephan.

>> stephan, how are you doing, man? welcome to the show .

>> hey, dad!

>> do this. i have to get on my tip toes.

>> he is getting as much air time as you are getting.

>> he surprised me here a few weeks ago and there. i didn't see that coming. steve, we were talking about -- they were talking about the tenth anniversary thing and