TODAY   |  October 26, 2013

12-year-old recounts Nevada school shooting

“I don’t understand why he would aim a gun at me,” said Mason, a 12-year-old boy who was allegedly shot in the stomach by Jose Reyes, a classmate who has been accused of also shooting and killing a math teacher. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> victims of that shooting this morning is telling his events of what happened on that terrible event. joe fryar is live in los angeles . good morning.

>> reporter: the young man whose mason whose family asked not to use his last name is feeling better and grateful to be alive but he is mourning the life of two friends, including, he says, the shooter.

>> i know i wasn't being targeted. i never did anything to him.

>> reporter: for 12-year-old mason, it has been a week of loss and also luck.

>> i'm feeling great. a little hurting. but it's a lot better than what happened on monday.

>> reporter: like so many of his classmates, mason was standing outside the building when the gunman started shooting. first hitting another student in the shoulder before taking down math teacher mike landsberry who was trying to stop the gunfire. you heard the gunshots. you saw mr. landsberry was down, your instinct was to run to him?

>> run to him and help because i'm a very helpful person.

>> reporter: but in the chaos, mason came face-to-face with the gunman identified by city officials as 1-year-old jose reyes .

>> i'm like please don't shoot me. you need to get in the building. please don't shoot me. then he raised the gun and shot me.

>> reporter: mason considered reyes a friend.

>> i don't understand why he would aim a gun at me.

>> reporter: shot in the stomach mason found the strength to run and the first person to come to his aid was security guard lou bergerelolo.

>> i got closer and he said, i've been shot. i lifted up his shirt and got him over to the sidewalk and laid him down. and then i called for the ambulance.

>> reporter: mason was so grateful, shortly after leaving the hospital, he wanted to surprise his newfound hero.

>> thank you.

>> reporter: now his family hopes their story can teach a lesson after learning from investigators that the shooter got the gun from his home.

>> i want to make clear that i'm not saying, take our guns away." i have a gun and you're not taking it away from me, but i have it in a safe and i have a trigger lock on it.

>> reporter: for mason, the grief is still heavy, especially when he thinks about mr. landsberry.

>> he was really a nice guy. i really wish he could be here today.

>> reporter: while he was in the hospital, mason was visited by nevada's governor and the quarterback for the local college football team. for now, he does plan to return to sparks middle school , at the very least, to see if he still feels comfortable attending classes there.

>> quite a young man and good to see him up and around. joe fryar, thanks very much.