Image: The Prince Of Wales Opens Uley Community Stores And Post Office
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TODAY   |  October 26, 2013

Is Britain's Charles ‘the forgotten prince’?

Prince Charles opened up in rare interview for a story with Time magazine, which examines the man who's commonly seen as waiting anxiously to be king. NBC’s Annabelle Roberts reports.

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>>> britain's prince charles is speaking out in a revealing interview with "time" magazine about his future in the monarchy and his fears of taking over for his mother queen elizabeth . anna bell roberts is outside of buckingham palace on more what is he saying about all of this. anna bell, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, lester. a long time prince charles was defied by tfailure of his marriage to princess diana but this is proof we have moved on. a comment by the author to suggest that some around charles compare to becoming king to prison well, that shocked people here. prince charles , now 64, on the cover of "time" magazine. the forgotten prince. a story who examined the man who is commonly seen as waiting anxiously to become king.

>> one of the misconceptions of prince of the wales to be king. he is --

>> reporter: he has taken on more and more of his 87-year-old mother's affairs and attending the state opening of parliament and representing the queen overseas. but those duties have to coexist with his passions. for the environment, architecture and his charities. the prince told "time" i've had this extraordinary feeling for years and years ever since i can remember really of wanting to heal and make things better but they suggested a race against time writing i found to get things done as i could the prison shades closed. the idea the prince may not want to become king is dismissed saying the prince of wales does not hold those views.

>> he'll have a bit of a heavy heart if he can't give as much to those charities but i believe he is -- family will support him and, in time, they will adopt some of those charitable organizations.

>> reporter: you can sense the delight of this proud grandfather. telling "time" george christened this week is what this is all about. the three heirs and line of succession is secure. the monarchy is popular and a popular set of circumstances for charles when his time eventually comes. no one believes the queen will abdicate so charles has a few more years in waiting.

>> anna bell roberts, in london,