TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Make over your man for less

Kathie Lee and Hoda talk with style expert Sam Saboura a wardrobe makeover with some cool accessories and clothing for men under $50.

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>>> we're back with must haves for men if you're looking to make over your guy or grab a few items to keep him up to date, you're in luck.

>> we're here for the hottest clothing and accessories for guys under $50. with us is the style expert and host of tlc "something borrowed, something new." so you have a bunch of trends for us. plaid is in.

>> plaid never goes out.

>> that's the best part about this trend. any guy can wear this. they're not intimidated. these are great shirts from target. you have cool plaids done in wool from h & m. this is great for holiday photos coming up. one for your kid and one for dad. so the dad and son can take a picture together in their matching ties.

>> camo hasn't gone out.

>> a lot of guys wear this anyway. it's another trend that make you feel comfortable. camouflage is on every runway. these are pieces from target.

>> i love the inside of that. it looks so cozy.

>> you love hoodies.

>> look at the vans here. this is the reinvented camouflage. a lot are taking the art of camouflage and chaging it up and making it more modern.

>> what about the watch department?

>> i love these watches. these are all from time ex-. they are the weekender. they're under $45 but can you change the straps.

>> socks.

>> oh, my god, those are crazy colors.

>> i didn't know i would date a guy that wore those.

>> it's a good chatty thing. girls like to look at this and it's a good pickup line. they can hit on the guy if they have cool socks on.

>> no. no.

>> i think it's cool to add a little punch -- especially the guys that wear suits. this adds a lot of personality and style from happy socks. you have a lot of fashion.

>> i can see girls wearing them. guys, not so much.

>> what about the hats?

>> these are all from stetson. instead of wearing a beanie or cull cap, you get the warmth of the wool hat and a lot of style.

>> i'm sure justin timberlake brought these back. he wears them all the time.

>> it's a fun thing for fall can you do and make your guy look lookhalook handsome.

>> this wick as way moisture and controls odor.

>> thank goodness.

>> and the socks, t-shirt and underwear take the odor and moisture away.

>> so there is no reason to stink.

>> exactly.

>> easier laundry on the ladies.

>> tell us about the two models.

>> we have to models. thomas is using that traditional americana vibe. you're seeing him in the city. it's not just for the country. i love this look. i layered a great plaid shirt with a cape will knit sweater. this is the must have. it's a vest for $35. the puffy vests are super in style. al sex our casual downtown guy. he is rocking that camo. he is rocking that camouflage t-shirt and the scarf. it's like no-brainer fashion for your guy. that great wool cap which is super duper handsome.

>> look at those guys. they know they look good.

>> they know it.