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TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

KLG and Hoda meet some not-so-creepy critters

Animal ambassador Julie Scardina dispels some common myths and misconceptions about bats, snakes, ravens and black cats.

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>>> creepy critters for halloween.

>> she's petting a bat.

>> julie scardina is here to dispel the smiths we have about these creatures that come to mind with the -- let's not call it a holiday.

>> that bat is creeping us out. it was hanging on the tree. it just flew off the tree.

>> we'll put him back up here so everyone can get a view. these are the most mysterious of the halloween creatures, right? they're the most misunderstood. even hoda earlier said, they get stuck in my hair.

>> i read that on google. they're nocturnal.

>> yes, they are nocturnal but they're not blind. a lot of people think they are rodents. they are most closely related to primates.

>> what do they eat?

>> that's a great question. so we have a fruit bat here.

>> there he goes.

>> he is a pollen ator.

>> he pollen aates.

>> he pollenates all the stuff you like the most.

>> okay we get it.

>> and then they disperse seeds after that. this guy is an insect eater. because he eats -- he can eat 1,000 insects an hour.

>> good for him.

>> and is it worth that? if it wasn't for him, we would be overrun with insects.

>> here are little worm things. put them right up there under his nose so he can see them.

>> is that his mouth or other end?

>> he is grooming himself.

>> where is his face.

>> his face is right there.

>> did he get it?

>> come on, that's not nice.

>> there we go. think about them as a baby, it's kind of sweet.

>> there we go.

>> he's loving it.

>> bring on the raven.

>> okay. we're going to take these guys off. the next animal here, and we have a beautiful raven. now here's another animal, again, because of edgar allen poe , you know, depression and death and all that stuff. this guy has got great personality. they're one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom . talk about personality, okay, people are afraid of him.

>> okay. and he's now gone.

>> you know what? he is afraid of pumpkins we have found out.

>> he's on the roof top.

>> he's coming back down.

>> come on.

>> bring out the python. i never thought i'd want to say that.

>> we'll leave the raven up there. he'll come down in a little while.

>> who is going to good get the raven?

>> let's bring the snakes out.

>> let's bring the snakes out!

>> a lot of people don't really -- i don't like his face towards me like. that.

>> is that for me?

>> yes.

>> the nice thing about these, three snakes that we have here are they are ambassadored. so when people don't like things, it's often because they don't know about them.

>> they never met one in person.

>> i met one.

>> i like how you're holding him.

>> give him a little support.

>> give him some support.

>> these animals are -- the same type of thing as great to go to zoos to find out a little bit more. you don't want to put their faces close together.

>> they're not friends?

>> no. we wouldn't necessarily have -- these two are housed together. they're the same type. this is actually called a red python.

>> we have to bring on the cat.

>> okay. let's take these guys off.

>> the raven son the way, hoda.

>> it's all about getting to know animals. that's what zoos can provide by coming and visiting.

>> it's a black cat . normal?

>> this is just a black cat . not only does it perform in our show at sea world in orlando, but people think black cats with bad omens and they're not.

>> we love you, julie.