TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Worst days to grocery shop, buy gas, more

Save time and money by avoiding grocery shopping on Tuesdays, buying gas on Thursdays and heading to the DMV on Mondays and Fridays, advises personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi.

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>> today is friday, of course. but do you know that friday is one of the worst days to go to the dmv .

>> turns out you can save yourself time and money on everything from groceries to gas if you just avoid certain dieays of the week. she is the host of financially fit.

>> good morning guys.

>> let's start with these myths. tuesday and wednesday the best days to buy airline tickets .

>> the pricing wars have gotten so out of hand in the airline industry if you see a good deal you should snag it. of course timing does matter but it's not so much a monday or wednesday situation. it's you have to go early. 8 weeks in advance. if you're buying your thanksgiving tickets now, you're not going to get a good deal.

>> is there ever really a good day to go to the dmv ? some days are worse than others.

>> fridays and monday as cording to the department of motor vehicles . they did a study across the country and found out mondays and fridays the lines are longest. so go midweek after the lunch hour rush.

>> and you mention toward the end of the month and beginning of the month.

>> yeah, definitely.

>> although a shout out to the dmv express on 34th and 8th.

>> they do an incredible job.

>> they do.

>> worst day to go to the grocery store .

>> it's a tuesday. we talk about this a lot on my yahoo! show. we find that groceries don't stock their shelves until midweek. sales don't start until wednesday. so tuesday you have slim pickings and a lot of the fresh produce and things have been sitting there for several days. so you want to go over the weekend. wednesday is when the sales begin and on through the weekend.

>> this isn't on the list but what about fish?

>> fish? with the grocery tip also you maybe want to avoid tuesdays because that's when they're getting restocked.

>> the next one is scheduling surgery. why would one day be better than the other for this.

>> doctors say when a surgery is later in the day they're actually more complications and think about it, when you have to go, say, at 4:00 in the afternoon versus 7:00 a.m . you haven't eaten all day because they tell you not so by then maybe you're not feeling your best. also you want to go earlier in the week because on a friday, if there are complications and you want to see your doctor you may not be able to until monday. you may have to stay overnight at the hospital and that's more money.

>> plus wouldn't the surgeon be fresher early in the week.

>> my doctor said chances are you won't get delayed.

>> when shouldn't you buy gas?

>> a thursday. people are looking forward to the weekend. you want to go on wednesday. price per gallon 5 cents cheaper.

>> really?

>> yeah. on average.

>> let's talk about the best time to buy fresh flowers?

>> after monday. the worst day is monday and that's because overall, the flower markets, the wholesale markets are closed over the weekend. so whatever is sitting in the flower shop on monday is not going to make a very great arrangement. it's going to be a little bit left over. so go tuesday, wednesday.

>> on the flip side do you think you could do a little deal making.

>> perhaps. i always say bring cash, you can make a deal.

>> thank you so much.