TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Snap! 5 memorable photos from the week

HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin discusses a few of this week’s powerful images, including the official royal portrait from Prince George’s christening, the Boston Red Sox tribute to slain teacher Colleen Ritzer and the photogenic Notre Dame football star.

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>>> back now with a look at the most powerful photos of the week.

>> takes us through them. always good to see you.

>> you too, thanks for having me.

>> let's get into this one. four generations of monarchs. this is a historic photo.

>> what better way to start the morning than with an adorable baby boy . especially when it's a royal. you see prince william , prince charles and queen elizabeth the second. this is the first public outing since he was born and prince william told a few local media that he was not quite all day. this was the first time he was quite all day but this will be an iconic photo. it's the first time the queen was photographed with the three future monarchs.

>> that's incredible.

>> and this is reminiscent of a photo from over 100 years ago.

>> right. what's so powerful and incredible -- how little it's changed.

>> yes.

>> the set up.

>> yeah.

>> including the christening gown, i think.

>> i can imagine this was just as intimate 100 years ago when that photo was taken. only 22 names on the guest lis but there were 23 people there. so maybe one person sent out the invitations and he was there.

>> seven of them were god parents .

>> exactly.

>> prince charles also features on the time magazine cover.

>> he's making his own headlines but this is controversial. a lot of people alleging his statement was taken out of context. basically an unnamed official close to prince charles was quoted as saying he is afraid he's not going to achieve his ambition before the prison shades close, a term referring to the fact that he is going to be king, soon. of course they came out and said this is not true and this should not be attributed to him because he didn't say it. and then they said it was taken out of context.

>> terrible story back here in the united states this week in massachusetts where the young teacher was killed.

>> this is a tribute to 24-year-old colleen ritzer. teachers don't get enough credit to start, i would say. what's powerful, though, is she was allegedly murdered by her 14-year-old student and this is a moment of silence, game one of the world series . you know, it's a powerful story because on social media , a lot of people tweeted at the players and asked them to do this and then they did do this. he is being held without bail. the 14-year-old student. they're saying he was a new student and he was quite but she also -- social media is such a part of this story. she was tweeting out tons of encouraging statements and math br problems to her students that are being circulated.

>> the tribute to the boston marathon victims up as well.

>>> we have a portrait on display. what is this made of?

>> this is made of 30,000 wooden pegs. 2,000 tons of sand. it's the largest land art arial photograph you could say in the uk and ireland. this kicked off the festival. it can be seen from a plane, at its best as we see here. but there's parts around belfast that you can also see it. if you're on the ground, you're not going to see much.

>> how did they do that?

>> it took over a month. this artist, he on purpose was on a research trip to belfast he found a young woman or young girl who he wanted to remain anonymous and he called this the wish. it was like an effort, he had people from belfast help him out.

>> very quickly, natalie wanted me to throw up the tease of the hot football player. she has the notre dame guy.

>> come on.

>> cam mcdaniel.

>> otherwise known as savannah's boyfriend.

>> that's right. ridiculously hot football player.