TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Tori Spelling reveals money woes in People mag

The actress, who grew up wealthy in Beverly Hills, tells the celebrity weekly about her family’s recent financial setbacks, including how her husband can’t afford a vasectomy.

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>> tori spelling opening up about her money problems. the actress whose family's mansion was worth $50 million, wasn't her mansion but her moms, telling people's magazine he has been having trouble making ends meet. her four children wear hand-me-downs and her husband dean couldn't even afford a vas vasectomy.

>> all right.

>> she said i look back at that girl who shopped at gucci in my 20s and i can't even relate. i can't believe i thought that was important. listen it's not that bad to wear ha hand-me-downs. i had three pair of pants and three shirts. it's not a shameful thing. the vasectomy thing is tmi.

>> i don't know how much they cost.

>> doesn't insurance cover that?

>> i don't know.

>> but she had a bed and breakfast and reality shows. she was left out of the will or something like that.

>> i like her message. in my 20s i wanted to have the fancy clothes and now i see that's not important.

>> maybe down size the mansion.

>> she's not claiming to be december tuesday of poor. she's just like so many americans --

>> no, she's not.

>> people who find it hard to make ends meet.