TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Unisex hats create controversy for Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is proposing a uniform change to the “Dan Daly hat,” a unisex redesign of the current military head covers. Taxpayers could pay upwards of $8 million for the new design, which has stirred controversy over military spending.

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>> yahoo! is a proposed change to the marine uniforms a little too girly? they're creating a unisex cap called a cover. right now they wear different types of covers but here's what they're proposing the new one would look like. it's smaller and lacks the wide brim. it's called the daly hat. nothing to do with carson daly . but for dan daly . the difference is cost because the new design will cost $8 million.

>> look at the size.

>> for one hat.

>> yeah.

>> why not save the money and keep it as it is?

>> i just think that money needs to go to so many other places. we still have troops in afghanistan and iraq right now that need more equipment.