TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Jay Z urged to end Barneys deal over ‘profiling’

Fans want the hip-hop mogul to cut ties with the upscale retailer after allegations of the racial profiling of two teenage boys arose this week. Barneys New York has partnered with Jay Z to release a limited-edition holiday collection.

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>>> here's what's trending today. it's trending from the daily news which carson is reading right now. jay-z feeling heat from fans. it started like this. two young african americans here in new york city are accusing the luxury retailers store of barnys of racially profiling. they were stopped by police and one was detained in a jail cell after buying pricey items at the store. neither of those young men were charged with anything -- one man, one woman. it turns out he has a lucrative business deal with barney's and now fans think he should end the relationship.

>> one has 1300 signatures. we reached out to jay-z for comment but he hasn't called me back. barney's doesn't tolerate profiling and they hired an expert to review the policies.

>> what do we think?

>> with the partnership with barney's, he's the face of hip hop. he's the most powerful name in that music industry . it wouldn't hurt if he came out and said i talked to barney's and i'll help them deal with this issue. but no everyone is jay-z and who do you think that young boy respects more, the vendors or jay-z.

>> do you think he has to pull his line.

>> no.

>> i think he can help.

>> he can help, go in there and say, look, this is wrong. we have to make changes and they come autoand they say what the changes are.

>> i'm sure he will. the stories have been in the paper the last two days. i think he's a little bit behind on this story. but i'm sure he'll step up.

>> he could actually help them