TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Ty Burrell voices genius dog in new movie

Emmy-winning actor Ty Burrell gives the TODAY anchors a sneak peek at his new animated movie “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” where he plays a genius dog who builds a time-traveling machine.

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>> emmy-winning actor ty burrell .

>> hello.

>> he's here to talk about his new movie. we'll get a sneak preview . let's take a look.

>> he calls it the way back.

>> it's a time machine .

>> wow.

>> now that we've seen it, maybe we should go back.

>> no.

>> sherman, penny, why are you two dressed like ancient greeks .

>> then we ran out of gas.

>> in ancient troy .

>> you used the way back.

>> yeah.

>> oh, my.

>> you're mr. peabody but the voice of penny sounded familiar?

>> yes, that's ariel winter from modern family. we didn't just transplant the cast.

>> what is the way back?

>> i'm playing a genius which is the biggest stretch of my career. it's like de niro putting on 65 pounds. and i invented this way back to teach my son about history and it starts as mentor protege but they discover that they're father and son and love each other.

>> this is your first animated feature and you're used to being funny but because you're a genius in this, it can't be so funny.

>> right. it's actually amazing. he has surrounded peabody with hilarious people. steven colbert and it's just really funny. i just saw a cut of it.

>> if you could go back in time to a certain period --

>> use the way back.

>> use it. where would you go?

>> i'd probably go like -- it wouldn't be very far back. it would be just right before certain hair cuts in high school .

>> i can relate. it would be a very short trip. the way back would be in good shape.

>> and these are historic characters. people might recognize mr. peabody and sherman .

>> that's right. it was late 50s, early 60s. i had an older brother and i remember watching him loving it and trying to get all the jokes. i still didn't at the time. that's one of the great things about jay word is he wrote for -- as you get older it gets funnier, too.

>> part of rocky and bullwinkle .

>> yeah.

>> thank you for giving us a sneak preview .

>> thank you for having me.

>> mr. peabody and sherman hits theaters in march. look for