TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Prince George cried just before christening

The 3-month-old royal captured the hearts of people all over the world with his adorable pose for the official christening photo but the little guy had Prince William a little anxious when he cried just before the ceremony. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> for prince george 's christening are out. his mother the duchess of cambridge turns heads for the second time this year. keir simmons is in london with all the details. good morning.

>> good morning. we have all been through it. you go to the family christening and you try your best to look relaxed and happy. it's not easy even if you're a member of the royal family and what we're learning is how close they were to having prince george just cry through the whole thing.

>> reporter: they hired a hollywood photographer for the official royal picture, a second photo included the middletons. smiles all around. last nice, prince george was at home at kensington palace while mom held a charity event. guests offering congratulations after wednesday's christening.

>> he was well behaved.

>> reporter: which helps explain why william , perhaps seemed anxious at the christening. george had just stopped crying. [ inaudible ]

>> reporter: an intimate family moment and historic. four generations of monarchs together. the queen and three future kings . george , william , and charles. an occasion not seen for more than a century. 31 years ago, charles sat for william 's christening pictures. like kate, princess diana worried that her baby would cry. now her son is a husband and a father. how diana would have loved the grand son she never got to meet. and i guess time moves on, savannah, because what's interesting is how central camilla is to all of them. a message from prince charles . another talking point, take a look at this picture, two babies. can you guess which one is william and which one is george ?

>> william on the left and george is on the right with the chubby cheeks.

>> but isn't it amazing how