TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

5 injured on ride at North Carolina State Fair

Officials in North Carolina are looking into what caused  a pendulum-swing ride to restart while passengers were disembarking last night, injuring five people. NBC’s Chris Clackum reports.

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>>> our top story, the frightening accident at the north carolina state fair . chris is in raleigh this morning. good morning to you.

>> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. authorities here on this investigation are saying they have few details stressing that they don't know why yet, why the vortex, a brand new ride here at the north carolina state fair , just as people were getting off, suddenly voltjolted back to a start.

>> it sounded like a bunch of stuff hitting medal.

>> reporter: scary stuff for riders on the vortex in north carolina . at least five passengers were injured when the ride suddenly restarted.

>> the ride had stopped and they were fixing to off load when it started off again.

>> reporter: this is the first time the vortex ride has been at the state fair seen here in a clip on youtube prior to last night's accident. rides are supposed to be checked three times a day and those inspections will now get a second look.

>> they'll be looking at the diagnostics, all the safety systems and any piece of that ride to determine if it was, indeed, a malfunction of the ride.

>> reporter: federal records show the incident happened 11 years to a day since a worker was killed by a ride at this fair. the victims that range in age from 14 to 39 were being treated at the wakemed medical campus in raleigh.

>> we'll do everything to make it safe so the families can come.

>> reporter: two victims we just found out, two of the five victims injured in this accident have now been released from the hospital. the fair itself will operate as normal today while investigators try to figure out whether this was a mechanical or human error . savannah, carson, back to you.

>> chris, thank you very much.