TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Brett Favre speaks out on memory loss, concussions

Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre says he is feeling the effects of the concussions he sustained while playing football, explaining he couldn’t even remember his daughter playing youth soccer. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports.

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>>> now a revelation on concussions from one of football's biggest stars. craig melvin has details.

>> good morning. brett farve is joining in on the concussion discussion. he says he is already feeling the effects after playing the game for half his life.

>> i think after 20 years, god only knows the toll.

>> reporter: former green bay packers quarterback brett farve doing an interview thursday admitting hits like this, the last one of his career, are part of the reason he won't play again. farve was noknocked out. now the 44-year-old grandfather worries about lasting effects.

>> this was shocking to me that i couldn't remember my daughter playing youth summer.

>> i can't remember one of the summers where my daughter plays soccer and links that to his playing career, i think people listen.

>> head injury leads to permanent problems with people. if their kid is going out and doing these things, they have to have well educated coaches.

>> reporter: in august, in nfl and thousands of former players that sued the league for concussion damages reached a $765 million settlement. players claimed the league withheld the information it knew about the risks of head injuries in the game.

>> the players, either retired or some of the few players who are either killing themselves or self-destructing, you know, studies have proven that some of this is because of concussions.

>> reporter: a future hall of famer adding his voice to the chorus of parents and players questioning the long lasting effects of concussions. so that same interview, farve dismissed the idea of returning to the nfl even though one team tried to lure him back this week. right now he is coaching high school football and said he is enjoying retirement.

>> maybe that's a good place for him right now.