TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Makeover: Sisters go from ‘ducklings’ to swans

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give new looks to two sisters from Washington after their mother insisted they get chosen for Ambush Makeover!

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this thirst day thursday ready to reveal our plaza ambush makeovers.

>> giving them gorgeous new looks as always. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars.

>> come on.

>> louis licari, la, la, la, la, la.

>> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style," jill martin.

>> it's cold out there.

>> it was nippy. we were lucky enough to find a family. we found sisters who wanted a fun makeover. yes, sisters. i'd sing but i can't.

>> you tried. which was good.

>> that's funny.

>> sisters.

>> all right. first sister is karen page . she's 53 years old from sunnyside, washington. her mom told us she really wanted a makeover for her two daughters. naturally we grabbed them off the plaza. let's take a listen.

>> all right. check out these signs. mom says, please turn these ugly ducklings into swans. ugly duckling 2. ugly duckling 1. for a mom to say ugly duckling you must really want this for your daughters.

>> i really want this for my girls. they really need this.

>> how does that feel to have her say that, karen ? you're her first victim.

>> i guess we better do it.

>> i love the signage.

>> it's an honest family.

>> she's here with her mom, jenny, and her sister. linda is here. beverly will be the next makeover. please keep your blindfolds on for a second. here's karen before. all right, karen , let's see the new you!

>> oh, wow!

>> oh, my gosh.

>> wow.

>> are you guys ready? all right, mom, sister, take off your blindfolds.

>> oh, my goodness!

>> oh, my.

>> karen , you look --

>> that hair is crazy good.

>> spin right around, sweetie.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> oh, i'm in love with that hair-do. that's fantastic.

>> wow. spin right around. look right at camera 12 for me. okay.

>> great haircut and great hair color erases years. you look beautiful. this is the new shag.

>> arson, yes.

>> it's totally amazing, right? a tip here is, remember, blond hair . i love blond hair . kathie lee . but, in fact, blond hair -- in fact, what it can do, it can sometimes wash you out. this warmth, it warms up her skin color .

>> what color would you call that?

>> strawberry coffee.

>> ladies, what do you guys think.

>> beautiful.

>> beautiful.

>> i used to have that color.

>> you did?

>> and that dress is awesome.

>> they're going to see kinky boots . which we love. this is from london times . and you don't always need jewelry. look at the detail just around the waist. and then you really don't need anything.

>> so darling. what a great body, too! so hot.

>> we're going to ask you to stand over there and face the wall while these two lovely ladies put their blindfolds back on. all righty. now the second lady is her sister beverly . she's 55 years old from zillow, washington. she's told us she's too lazy to even have a beauty routine. her mom begged us to glam her up for the day. let's listen.

>> now it's time for ugly duckling number 1 , the oldest. what do you think about what mom said?

>> i think i'm going to look better than everybody here.

>> what does your baby sister think? you said they need to look like you.

>> they do. they just need a new look. they're getting old.

>> all right, mom. are we ready for all this?

>> i'm ready for all this. i want a new look for this family.

>> i love this. mom is so awesome! they're awesome. all righty. let's take one last look at beverly . and bring out the brand-new beverly !

>> all right. okay. all right. ladies, take off the blindfold. and turn around.

>> oh, my goodness!

>> beautiful, bev.

>> your turn to turn around and look.

>> oh, wow. oh, my goodness. i guess.

>> you look beautiful.

>> right there. camera 12.

>> yes, number one, i lightened her hair. just erased years. arson softened the frame around the face. again, erasing years. of course, the beautiful makeup.

>> so soft and pretty.

>> it is so soft and pretty. i mean, it's amazing. suspect i isn't it? you look like a movie star .

>> the dress?

>> the dress, our little black dress from maggie london. look at the details in the front. spin around to show your sexy back. i love the cutout in the back.

>> i'm sorry.

>> the party is in the back.