TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Everything rosy for Rosie Perez

Hoda and Kathie Lee talk to actress Rosie Perez about her life, career and new role in the film “The Counselor” with Michael Fassbender. Perez dishes on recently tying the knot with her boyfriend of five years and how it has completely changed her life.

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>>> it is hard to believe. but it was nearly 25 years ago when director spike lee took notice of a young dancer named rosie perez and cast her in her first major acting role as tina in "do the right thing."

>> now she's playing a woman in prison in a new ridley scott film "the counselor," a pivotal role that sets the whole plot in motion.

>> hello, rosie !

>> hello, ladies.

>> good to see you again.

>> thank you.

>> congratulations are in order.

>> right. you're not engaged. you are married.

>> married lady.

>> like a spur of the moment thing. you just did it.

>> yeah. we just went with it. you know, my husband -- i love that. my husband. he wanted a big wedding. i wanted to go to city hall . and he's so loving.

>> how cute is he, by the way?

>> is he in the business, too, rosie ?

>> yeah. he's an artist and a graphic designer and everything.

>> how long have you been dating?

>> we've been dating for five years. but i've known him for, like, 17, 18 years. but i kept forgetting him. no. the time i remembered him i was like, who is that? and we've been together ever since. that day.

>> you finally, finally caught on.

>> i finally got it. yeah.

>> we need to talk about a couple of things with the movie. first is your hair. you play a girl in jail. and you wanted -- i understand this completely. you didn't want to have crazy out of control jail hair. you wanted to have, like, hair that was taken care of like some girls in prison do.

>> yes.

>> a lot of women care very much about their hair in prison.

>> a lot of women do. especially if you're latin. you know?

>> what did you tell -- when they said they wanted your hair to be crazy, what did you say?

>> i asked ridley if he was crazy. you can't do that to a latin woman! he goes, she's in prison. and the spray bottle came out. my hair frizzed in the back. i died. but it was good for the character. because it's a very heavy, serious film. and i look so busted.

>> the things you do for your art. i understand you really fought for this role. you had to convince.

>> yeah, i did.

>> tell us.

>> well, what happened was, is that they wanted to go with somebody from jaurez. it was coming down a line. and i said, listen, i will go in. i will read. i will do anything to get this role. and, like you said, it's the pivotal point. and i just did it. i went in there, you know, and i don't have that kind of pride or ego when it comes to auditioning. went in there and knocked it out. she sent it over. ridley was like, she's hired. it was just like that.

>> what a star studded cast, by the way.

>> tell some of the people. michael feastbender?

>> cameron diaz . brad pitt . penelope cruz . her husband, javier bardem . it just goes on and on and on.

>> wow.

>> now you can say you've been in a ridley scott movie.

>> is there pressure with that, being in one of his films?

>> yes.

>> tell us.

>> it's a lot of pressure because everybody knows that he's, like, the ultimate professional onset. so you have to -- it looks like theater. when the curtain comes up you got to know your lines and you got to be ready, set, go. it's the same thing with him. and the set is so efficient that everybody makes you feel so comfortable so that you can do your thing. you got to really step up to the plate. but he's a very unassuming, charming, personable man. that's what really threw me. and i remember, he came over to me. he said, are you nervous? i said, i'm so nervous. he whispered in my ear, held me close, so am i.

>> what a kind thing to do!

>> yes.

>> congratulations.

>> yes. has marriage changed your life completely, by the way, rosie ?

>> yes. because i'm more disgustingly happy. but, no, because he's my soul mate . so it just feels like another day that just got better to some extent. and i just love it. i love it. there is a bond. people say it's just a piece of paper. but there is a bond.

>> say the word again. husband.

>> thank you so much.

>> we're very happy for you.

>> everything is going good, good great for rosie . god bless ,