TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Willie makes strange SkyMall purchase

TODAY’s Willie Geist shows off his new NFL-themed stiletto wine bottle holster that he purchased from SkyMall Magazine. The high-class heel sparked the #OrangeRoom question: What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever purchased on SkyMall?

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>> welcome back to "today." i'm willie geist , along with al and fatty. which got a special delivery . i'm excited about it. i was flying back from nashville, i was leafing through the sky mall , i loved something that captivated me. i tweeted out a photograph of it. it's a high pump, a high heel and snl themed that stores your wine. it's a decorative display. we got them in.

>> how much is it?

>> $36.99.

>> does the wine come with it? no.

>> these are not heels.

>> a perfect giants fan.

>> it adds a fem then flair to your decorateing.

>> i chose wisconsin, my sister went to wisconsin. it's the highest item trending right now.

>> we're a trend.

>> have you ordered anything?

>> useful things. travel gadgets, devices.

>> i ordered a little fountain that flows water the whole time for my cat.

>> on the weekend you put wine in it.

>> that, too. my cat, whoa, halloween decorations going wild .

>> something went off.

>> that can be annoying very fast. by now. no, my cat would drink water in a bowl. so she had to drink --

>> what did you see?

>> i'm trying to talk.

>> i never ordered. hash the tag org room, folks. what have you ordered from sky mall ? what's the most bizarre thing?

>> everything is bizarre.

>> they got those yetti statues, like the bigfoot things. they're getting bigger and beggar, like the life size thing.

>> people that order the life sides stuff like " lord of the rings "? who is ordering