TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Avoid these foods to prevent bloating

Gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan explains how you can ban boating and flush toxins in your body by avoiding gluten products, alcohol and sugary foods.

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>> i think a lot of us feel bloated no matter what you need. you could get rid of the bloat for good by eliminating six things from your diet.

>> the founder of the digestive center for women and gut bliss, a ten-day ban to band, float, dump your digestive baggage.

>> i read this book cover to cover. a lot of women suffer. guys, too.

>> men absolutely do. there are certain things that make bloating an unequal opportunity employer. there are anatomical differences. women have a longer colon on average 10 centimeters longer. this leads to twists and turns and areas where food and gas can get stuck. men have higher testosterone layers, they have a tighter abdominal wall . you can have a built-in spanks.

>> we have a lot of gar back the ladies do.

>> yes, we can.

>> what is bloating?

>> that uncomfortable feeling you have when you get increased gas. we are seeing a virtual epidemic of it.

>> what are is sad gases?

>> they are six things you should eliminate your bloating. the sad part is soy, artificial sweet inners, dairy, gas, gluten, alcohol and sugar.

>> so you eliminate on these and you should cut back on the bloating problem.

>> the idea is at the end of the ten days, if there is something you are missing, missing a dairy, you add things in one at a time to identify what is causing you to bloat. if we run through the soy, processed soy can have an estrogen effect. artificial sweet inners aren't absorbed. they are fermented by the colon, they produce a ton of gas. dairy, half the world is lactose intolerant . you won't know until you eliminate it.

>> you can acquire it or become tolerant after a viral or illness.

>> gluten is a deal.

>> it's not a fad. you have the actual disease, celiac, an allergy to gluten. millions more are intolerant of gluten, they get bloating, fatigued. it is a phenomenon. people who are sensitive to it.

>> how do you know, though, if you are truly bloated or it's a case of belly fat ?

>> there are a couple key ways to tell. if you have belly fat , it doesn't change your abdominal measurement. if your skin fijeans don't fit, you can measure your waistline in the morning and at night. if that number is not bearing, there is a lot of belly fat . when you lie back, if you have air, it rises to the top. if you have belly fat , you have that spare tire , it doesn't move much.

>> if you drum on it.

>> it sound like you are playing my song.

>> you are doing requests. the back to is gutless, thank you very much.

>> free information. thank you. there