TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Tech or treat? Spooky Halloween gadgets

Tech expert Katie Linendoll shows a variety of Halloween gadgets such as animated T-shirts, spider decorations and pop-up lanterns.

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>> look around your neighborhood, you will see people getting into to holiday spirit, spooky jack-o-lanterns on doorsteps.

>> this year's gadgets have grown a lot more high-tech than a spider on a string. here with the late set our text expert.

>> checkered treats. we got a lot. a lot of good stuff out there, including masks, which are very spooky this year.

>> let's take it up a notch. let's start with animation masks. these are $37 bucks. check out hannah here. all you got to do is move your mouth. it will look like it's moving.

>> a number of scary options and cool, giving your costume a whole new effect.

>> that's scary.

>> i love the tee shirts. these are digital duds. you pick it up from party city , you buy the shirt, downlow the free app. you put your phone inside the shirt, it will look like the eyes are moving. there is a bunch of fun things from a cat to a haunting mansion and you never forget your foerngs you got it to --

>> what if a phone comes in?

>> forget it. put it on airplane mode. moving on, creepy critters. a lot of noise. this baby scared the crap out of me in stores. this is jumping critters. these are a whole lot of fun. they're from spirit halloween . jumping cockroach, jumping spiders , jumping critters. there is an optional foot pad, too. it works off of motion control .

>> what if somebody walks by it?

>> exactly. i almost paid my pants in the store.

>> wow, that certainly is a recommendation. boy, you know.

>> oh, stop it. kick it out.

>> you come at me, i'm coming back at you. i'm from new york.

>> you will make somebody have a heart attack with those things. i love these pumpkin eyes. these are colored changing pumpkin eyes.

>> mine had classes. it's hard to carve one with glasses. if you did a crappy carve job, you put these eyes in there, it kicks it up a notch.

>> you always want to be safe.

>> let's talk about the affordable option, these are energizeers opinion-up, folding led lanterns, there is a dimming effect on here. you put that inside, too.

>> cool.

>> so nice folding option from energizer.

>> and for those of you who like subtly in your decoration.

>> you lick to go big or go home.

>> go home with an inflatable singing pumpkin $75 from home depot . it has two songs, halloween time or thriller. it lights up to just a matter of seconds. i love this thing, this is like