TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Doggie Doppelgangers: Pets look like their owners

David Frei, co-host of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, is joined by five owners who look remarkably similar to their four-legged furry friends. New research found many pet owners pick dogs that resemble them.

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>> have you ever noticed sometimes dogs look like their owners. this morning we gathered an esteamed group of look-a-likes. first more on the doggy doppelganger theory. you will find them in all shape, sizes, breeds, coats and colors. but what's with the uncanny owners and their pups.

>> i constantly see owners that look like their owners.

>> leslie and her york can i get it all the time. they say, leslie the same growing air. the long tongue.

>> call at this time doggie doggie doppelganger syndrome. before you bark at the theory, there may be science.

>> people choose pets that look like them.

>> do you think we look alike ?

>> why you look like your dog sheds some spriegz k-9 credence on the fe phenomenon.

>> the women with longer hair preferred breeds with flop pierres. women with shorter air preferred dogs with pointy ears.

>> when it comes to your doggies disposition, perk up your ears.

>> they have personality translates.

>> these pooches may have an automatic imitation instinct, which couldth for reflective behavior, a concept this docgy duo can get behind.

>> i sleep in this position, that's insane.

>> we got our doggy doppelgangers on the plaza, we are joined by david price from the westminster dog show . always good to have you there. is it a real phenomenon or is it overblown?

>> no, it's raechlt i think a lot of people out there look like their dogs. it is not a good idea to point that out.

>> do you think owners and their pets grow to lock like each other the way married people do?

>> i have a flaend got pugs got involved with afghan hounds, he said why? because you look like your dog as you get older.

>> you will do the judges.

>> i have my official judge's medallion.

>> let's get to your doggy doppelgangers, patricia mcconnell and her doggy boo. he follows her everywhere and her hair dresser comments they look alike .

>> first impression they look alike , when are you a hair dresser , you can do things with your dog to act senuate that. boo is a beautiful little yorkshire terrier .

>> you guys go to the same salon in.

>> actually, yes.

>> i didn't see that coming. thank you very much. appreciate it.

>> next, james taylor . a miniature, schnassauer. what do you say?

>> it's a great look the word schnauzer means border the dog the mustache the look the salt and pepper color, matching sweater. jim, you look like you have been doing this modeling thing your whole life.

>> were you attracted to stwrak because of his incredible looks?

>> because of the ears.

>> thank you very much.

>> next up, terry lee from houston, texas. her three-year-old mini labradoodle.

>> it is a nice touch. they look like they got the permanent the same day. beautiful purple kilometre i like purple. it's nice, a great look. you start to look leak your dog. you act like your dog, your dog likes to act like you.

>> terry said the dog loves to talk. has she told you anything?

>> she loves it here in the big apple .

>> next up, austin , his three-year-old pup. they are have elkhart, any, they are looking dapper. i hope you notice their matching leather jackets . david , do you notice they have similar widow's peaks it seems?

>> they do look leak they have been through the makeup stand. yeah, matching ensembles, leather jackets .

>> all right. austin , tucker, thank you very much.

>> they are from north attleboro , massachusetts. david , here's our final. what do you think?

>> she's young, she's a puppy. what a great look. she has the right attitude on the boo bandana, the hair, the eyes, a beautiful look from mable. thank you.

>> thank you, david , it is time to hand out the coveted best in show .

>> this is a difficult decision.

>> it is a difficult zegs. people that look leak their dogs, remember, the important thing is to match your family, match your lifestyle, not that they look like you, that's a nice fetch, too.

>> a tough decision, a tough decision. but i like austin and tucker with the matching leather, too. .

>> congratulations austin , tucker.

>> there you go. congratulations.

>> well, congratulations to you, too.

>> we have some lovely parting gifts .

>> also for tucker, lots of duties. we do have parting gifts for each of the finalists.