TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

4 alternative ways to treat pain in feet, back, neck

Dr. Daniel Hsu, Dr. Suzanne Levine and physical therapist Sandra Foschi describe alternative methods that can help relieve pain, such as acupuncture and inversion therapy to help combat back and neck issues.

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>> back now on the final day of feeling better. hundreds of marines live with chronic pain . relief could be reached thanks to alternative treatments quickly becoming main stream. in recent years, eastern medicine practices have made their way into western doctors offices. what it could mean is relief for millions suffering from pain.

>> i have just in the last five years seen a shift where people have gone from asking what accupuncture is or thinking hypnosis is weird and wanting it and incorporateing it into their regimen.

>> 47% of americaning integrate health practices into their personal health care . herbal remedies . hypnosis, yoga, meditation to name a few. and it's a big business , a multi-billion industry. even the american pain society recommends massage therapy for treating lower back pain.

>> massage will boost enfor fins and seratonin levels. in some areas it helps recovery.

>> that's becoming mane stream, accupuncture one study found it is offered along side traditional treatments.

>> patients will undergo accupuncture and a opoids. there is a lot of hope for people with pane.

>> well, insurance companies are actually starting to pay for some of these treatment methods. it should be noted, this doesn't work for everyone. let's start demonstrating. we have dr. daniel chu. mat is the our patient. what you are treating him with and why accupuncture works?

>> matt's got a couple needles, all are a half a millimeter away from the nerve. they make the body occur with natural painkillers.

>> can you get it if you don't have a particular ailment you are trying to treat?

>> a lot of people get it to feel better, just as a therapy for relaxation. it works well for that, too.

>> do you have a need him for matt's ear?

>> a long dream of yours come true in.

>> she told me to stick it in your eye.

>> go ahead.

>> by the way, this does not hurt at all.

>> okay. good.

>> ow! no. not at all.

>> now you know why i want to stick the needle in.

>> i have gone to an accupuncturist to help with sleeping.

>> some people the needles freak them out even if they don't hurt. you got a non- needle therapy i will try.

>> one more on matt's head. just like. that looks great.

>> that's your halloween costume .

>> how long are you supposed to sit there with the needles.

>> it depend, sometimes 20 minutes , sometimes an hour, it depends.

>> let's do my non- needle therapy.

>> you sure you want to do a non- needle or?

>> whatever you want .

>> the non- needle would be anning a punk cure cold laser. it works very well for people who are needle phobic or for people who have for some reason they can't get a needle . it's a cold laser needle . it's also, here you go. you can sight like that. you see the light? all right. so what i'll do i'll put it on parts of her body, say her ear. turn her head slightly is sideways. go like that. do you feel it at all?

>> no, are you doing it?

>> it is completely painless. you hold it there ten or 15 seconds at a team. it does a lot of the same effects.

>> thank you very much. we will move onto the feet, jenna bush hagger is our patient. she says the dogs are commonly barking, she needs some help. why do we need to pamper our feet?

>> our feet are our foundation. you can wear wrong shoes, jenna has plantfaritis.

>> tell meant this new term. what is this? this is deep ir. it's an actual infrared, low energy levels . it doesn't hurt. it's good for most people with panful feet.

>> let's do it. it's going to relieve the pain? . so a little laser ?

>> it's like a little ir. what it does is, it's applied, it's a cool tip.

>> is it on?

>> well, we're getting it on.

>> maybe your feet are -- you may have a little extra layer.

>> a little layer here.

>> that probably has to be removed.

>> there you go.

>> oh, shoot. my special case probably.

>> did it work?

>> we might have to come back tore. let's see.

>> one more try again.

>> here, let's see.

>> aah.

>> oh, it's gloek. it's like et.

>> it feels great.

>> she has callouss, so her feet are a little cold. they have to be heated up.

>> it's because o'exercise.

>> is that why?

>> we got to move on.

>> i have a bad arch.

>> are you ticklish? let's go over to natalie 's inversion therapy . can you turn natalie upsidedown, tell us how this works.

>> this inversion is great for elongateing the spine, taking pressure off the joints, bringing oxygen to the brain and increasing circulation.

>> there you go.

>> don't leave me up here.

>> nice and slowly. natalie is in great shape so we can move really quickly.

>> hi.

>> how does it feel, nat?

>> i feel like the blood is rushing to my head.

>> they say i not good for the blood to rush to your head.

>> it gives increased circulation, great rosie glow. you want to move up slowly. if you have high blood pressure or glaucoma.

>> leave her there?

>> until the 9:00 hour. boy, natalie . have a great time.

>> no, i'm just kidding.