TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Go down memory lane with favorite cereals

TODAY anchors reflect on their favorite breakfast boxes growing up, just in time for General Mills’ re-released line of monster-themed cereals.

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>> week away from halloween, you might not know every year general mills brings their classic monster cereals back to supermarket shelves for a limited time, we are talking count chalk la, booberry, in honor of those classic cereals, we will lock at the cereals we love as a kid as a part of throwback thursday. for me in my household, my mom had no tolerant for sugary kreempls my mom bought on the whole grain part of it here little squares. this was my gateway.

>> they're delicious.

>> golden games.

>> you could do a commercial for them.

>> throwback cereals.

>> i like mikey, i lover my life cereal and it turns out my kids love it. it's so good. it's healthy.

>> within i snack at home, sometimes i pull out the box of my cereal.

>> i couldn't believe they still made my favorite childhood cereal. cookie crisp .

>> what does the dog say?

>> you don't remember that commercial?

>> i don't remember that commercial. i just remember it was cookie crisp .

>> i was captain crunch guy.

>> my original, i'm so old, it was sugar crisp . not golden crisp .

>> the sugar bear .

>> the best cereal ever, though, grape nuts . you put it in milk. about 20 minutes later, you can pave a road.

>> i love grape nuts .

>> you crew in your teeth the grape nuts .

>> anyway, that is what's trending