TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Is having a birthday on Halloween the ‘worst’?

What do Jane Pauley, Vanilla Ice, and Dan Rather have in common? The TODAY anchors debate whether or not having a Halloween birthday is the “worst thing ever.”

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>> buzzfeed, is having a birthday one of the worst things ever? they include jane pauly, vanilla ice , rab van wink el and dan rather .

>> was he born vanilla ice ?

>> no, he was born dan rather . they say they may be getting short changed, your birthday cake always depressing. ghoulish images are on everybody's front lawn, you spend your big day giving other people candy.

>> true.

>> i just don't think, if you had a competition between a halloween birthday and a christmas birthday, see my dad was albertan on christmas . we as kids would forget. oh, we would forget until 8:00 at night. i'm born two days after christmas .

>> i am born five days after christmas . i love it. your birthday comes at the happiest time of the year.

>> don't you get gifts?

>> people go out of their way to compensate.

>> i will out my mother right now it's so fun, she actually, this is a quote, savannah i lover you, but your birthday is kind of a pain.

>> that says a lot about