TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Obama advisers launch sting to trap renegade tweeter

President Obama’s top advisers are trying to identify the person responsible for an anonymous Twitter account that published personal and offensive attacks on White House officials.

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>> from the washington post , new details in the stunning revelation that a white house staff was behind that anonymous twitter account targeting top members of the administration.

>> it turns out some of the president's key advisers hatched a plan to trick this person who turn itself out to be this person in outing himself. apparently, according to paper. they intentionally sent him some bogus information and waited to see if it would pop up on that twitter account. kind of a sting operation . the twhous isn't saying whether that directly led to his firing. if you haven't read these tweets, they are nasty.

>> the oldest trick in the book. you think a friend is spreading rumors, you tell them something completely not true, when it comes around, you know where the story is coming from.

>> that's the technology.