TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

She said yes! Plaza proposal surprises woman

Chirag Shah – with a little help from Al Roker – surprises his girlfriend Simone Jhingoor by dropping down on one knee live on TODAY.

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>> before we get to the weather, we wanted to bring in simone jenningle who is a bart of a great non-profit. what itself the great non-profit?

>> the women's housing and economic development corporation .

>> that's fan taft ec. you are doing that. you got a support staff here. this is chuck and shana.

>> how are you doing? why are you here?

>> actually.

>> oh.

>> sorry. i see the question is why simone here, you are actually not here to talk about the amazing work that you do, i'm sorry. but you are here because as a child growing up in canton, michigan i held on to a vision of one day coming and living in new york, had it not have been for the fulfillment of that vision, i would have never realized my larger purpose of finding such a beautiful and inspiring human being . i am more thankful at this very moment that i have ever been, simone , are you here today because, yes, it is our anniversary and this is happening. i am standing right here at rockefeller plaza live on "the "today show"" but with nothing on my mind other than to ask you one question.

>> whew!

>> yes.

>> will you marry me?

>> wow, yes.

>> i was worried there when she paused. congratulations. wow!

>> that's beautiful.

>> very nice!

>> congratulations. did you have any idea?

>> no, not at all. i thought i was here to give back to the community.

>> she is very determined. if only you could see the rehearsals we had on the way of the car. she had me role playing you.

>> you have too much hair. i like the knee switch there. you started on one near went to the other.

>> i never practiced the drop of the knee they call it. so.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening