TODAY   |  October 24, 2013

Jamie Dornan reportedly cast in ‘Fifty Shades’ role

Hollywood insiders are buzzing over the news that model-turned-actor James Dornan might play the lead role of Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation “Fifty Shades of Grey,” after actor Charlie Hunnam dropped out, reportedly over scheduling conflicts. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>> 7:45. they are talking non-stop about the new christian grey, as you imagine him in the book, is he not?

>> he's better looking.

>> what are you hearing?

>> we are hearing lots, the 50 shades of trilogy is still sold more than 50 million copy the movie is highly anticipated. so when charlie hunnam gave up that role, he sent hollywood abuzz about his replacement.

>> how does it make you feel?

>> reporter: meet the new actor for 50 shades, starring jamie dornan . while you may not recognize the former calvin klein model now, that is about to change quickly.

>> as of yesterday, he had a minimal fan base , by tomorrow, he'll have a big fan base. it comes by some sources said his departure was due to creative differences and major fan backlash, with production on 50 shades set to start in a matter of weeks, producers were set to cast someone new. while they xhaernting on the decision, they report that dornan and biggie magnuson were on the short list.

>> they had to make the choice before next month.

>> overnight, fans took to twitter. jamie dornan as christian grey? my inner goddess and i are throwing a party? waking this up morning to news that@jamie dornan1 is playing christian grey in 50 shades has made my life. me no liky, really? "today" survey, 35% yes, 9% no. coming in fast and furious sarah writes yes, melly heck yes. patty daily writes what a hunk? that's weird. blond at the beach. this interested me.

>> how many guys have tweeted?

>> i haven't seen one, not yet.

>> what do you think, carson?

>> i needed to take a shirt off before i can make a call.

>> they start production november 1st .

>> i'm saying 4% responded said daniel craig as 007? remember the hubbub about that? he turned out to be spectacular.

>> he has a staggering amount of knowledge. staggering.

>> just because i read all three.

>> this spire side has a good working knowledge.

>> i read it a couple times myself.