TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Adult treats: Make boozy popsicles that glow

Food blogger and author Jeanne Benedict treats the ladies to a tasty array of alcohol-infused popsicles, including a gin and tonic frozen pop that glows. The secret ingredient? Riboflavin!

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>>> fun.

>> we're talking about cocktails, of course. first this is "today" on nbc.

>>> time to take you into "today's" kitchen for sweet treats for halloween with a little something extra for the adults.

>> the kids aren't the only ones who should be having fun so invite your friends over. "cocktail pops," congratulations on your book.

>> i'm so excited to be here. i've done a lot of cocktail pop segments and you inspired me to write the book.

>> really?

>> i wanted to even thank you in this book but i thought i'm not going to do that. i thought it was weird. like a creeper.

>> little stalkerish.

>> yeah.

>> there are great photos and tips and techniques to make your pops look their best.

>> okay.

>> these are cosmo pops.

>> look how cute.

>> to make the garnish stand out, i developed this technique. take some sugar glue. want to do it, kathie lee ?

>> i was going to eat one.

>> you're going to eat one?

>> take some sugar glue and brush it on this little lime. there's a recipe in the book for that, too. position it on the frozen pop.

>> bottom or the top?

>> at the top. basically wherever you want the garnish to go. here is the trick. you put like a tablespoon of pop mixture back into the mold and then you plunge it in -- i'm going to make -- you plunge it down in. what happens is that the mixture comes up around the mold and almost laminates the pop. it doesn't have that blurry, embedded look.

>> you have to be careful so it doesn't go sliding off.

>> yeah. these are great for a vampire party for halloween or -- and then these pops, too. this is a kiwi-pomegranate pop. this is a gin and tonic pop. it has b2 in it, which is riboflavin.

>> tim sach is downstairs with a black light .

>> they glow in the dark .

>> my goodness.

>> that's weird!

>> awesome.

>> explain why they glow in the dark .

>> a gin and tonic recipe, right? your tonic, your water, your lime. you put these b2 capsules in it.

>> cut off after three.

>> at the health food store . this is the tonic.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> they're very strong and fun. you mix up the recipe and you dump in, in the capsule, in powdered form, you dump this right in. it sort of dissolves.

>> we only have 30 seconds, hate to say.

>> pumpkin mojito pops, bubble gum b oochlt oochoo.

>> i want mojito.

>> disco zombie party. it's great for mocktails and cocktails.

>> so great.

>> so delicious.