TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Canine costumes for your hot dog

Happy Howl-o-ween! Lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno shows off creative costumes for you and your pooch.

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>> about 22 million people plan on dressing up their furry friends this year. lifestyle expert robin moreno is here.

>> hi. good to see you.

>> we had so much fun with this.

>> of course you did. we are going to walk our guys out. we are wine and cheese.

>> absolutely. the word at the dog park is that you guys like the wine. we dress up blake as wine and then we dress up bambino as cheesecrackers.

>> yes.

>> we blew up burgundy balloons and then just pinned them with some leaves to a purple sweater. for the cheese and crackers we got this cheese from, one of those from green bay packers .

>> really light.

>> really light and easy. the crackers, we cut up some gold paper and stuck them to posters actually.

>> very cute.

>> thank you so much. yes.

>>> let's bring out our first wonderful people. we have howard and josephine, right? pumpkins and farmer in the dell .

>> look at that.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i have to tell you, baby howard is a rock star .

>> howard , look over here. we have to get the face.

>> 2,000 likes on facebook alone. amazing. he is a rescue from the long island bulldog rescue. fun costume. easy to make. all you have to do is get the costume, put him in the wagon and stuff him with leaves and pumpkins, dress up like a farmer in the dell .

>> thanks, hon. let's bring out jen and dexter. this is beach babe. oh, is that right?

>> exactly. so, this is a fun costume.

>> no, this is spike and ziggy. come on out, guys.

>> oh, my goodness. marilyn monroe .

>> if you have a diva of a dog, why not make them marilyn muttroe. we added some nice decollete, bedazzled the back, gave her a blond weave there and lots and lots of diamonds.

>> that is so cute.

>> very cute.

>> nice and dapper.

>> let's bring out jen and dexter. this is the beach babe gl this is a hot dog .

>> oh, my gosh, a surfer.

>> instead of the traditional wiener dog , this is a dog that's so hot. there he goes. this is actually good if it's a last-minute costume. you already have your beach wear at home. the only thing that required anything was to make the sun mask out of cardboard.

>> wasting away in margaritaville.

>> i love it.

>> and for covering hope, we want to say hi to them.

>> this is erica. what is this? tell us.

>> a monkey, organ grinder monkey.

>> i can't take it.

>> oh, he's going potty. oh, no. did he do it?

>> he has to go.

>> he can't see.

>> oh, no!

>> if your little buddy is a little monkey, of course, he's right by a fire hydrant . organ grinder costume, american apparel brown hoodie and we literally sewed on --

>> i can't handle it.

>> what would we do without those little --

>> an accordion as well.

>> everybody come on out.

>> you're adorable.