TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Alyssa Milano walks down fashion memory lane

The actress and designer talks about her new role as host of “Project Runway: All-Stars,” and reminisces on her fashionable past, saying she would love to have a daughter to share her passion for fashion.

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>>> alyssa milano has spent almost her entire life in front of the camera to tony danza 's daughter in "who's the boss" now to "mistress."

>> now the fashion designer, author, and mom has been cast to host in "project runway."

>> congratulations.

>> how did that happen?

>> it's an interesting story. harvey weinstein was watching my episode of " fashion police " which i co-hosted, literally the first thing i've hosted in my life rather than a bad dinner party .

>> right, right.

>> and felt that i would be a good fit for the show.

>> one of the smartest people on the planet.

>> he is so special. such a special, special guy.

>> is fashion something that's been important to you? you have enjoyed?

>> christian siriano from payless.

>> no. how much?

>> $50, i think.

>> the beads alone cost 50 bucks.

>> amazing, right?

>> you're a fashionista?

>> my mom was a fashion designer and my grandmother was a milliner.

>> oh, it's in your dna.

>> my mom made all of my clothes when i was a little girl , you know, in the '80s.

>> goit's a good fit for you.

>> it was and it's a great reminder of what fashion is supposed to be. actors have gotten so caught up in trying to look not only approachable, but also very homogenized. we're all afraid we're going to end up on that worst dressed list. fashion is supposed to be about self expression.

>> through the years you've had a lot of fashion issue.

>> walk down memory lane with you.

>> oh, yes.

>> what were you thinking moments.

>> what were you thinking segment.

>> oh, great.

>> here is the first one. what about ta little number?

>> i remember that. i was thinking i need shoulder pads bigger than --

>> and you got them.

>> that was my madonna phase with my short hair.

>> that's actually kind of cute.

>> that's cute.

>> were you in to madonna back then?

>> oh, yeah, of course.

>> before she --

>> what was this?

>> some sort of couture something that i bought. i don't remember who the designer was, but i still like that. i'm not mad at it.

>> do you take things and wear them again?

>> yeah. do you know why?

>> why?

>> if i ever have a daughter i want to have clothes for her. i'm so bummed out that my mom didn't save her stuff from the '60s and '70s. i do have boxes and boxes.

>> will there be a little one, a little --

>> a little girl ? i'm hoping to give my son a sibling. i don't really necessarily need it. but i think for him, it's good for him.

>> how old is milo now?

>> he's 2.

>> could you die? he's precious.

>> oh, my word.

>> we're going to play a game real quick.

>> okay.

>> say something you said as one of your characters in one of your series. you have to say which one it was.

>> good luck with this.

>> here is the first one. i don't understand. am i the only person in this family who has inherited the take a chance gene?

>> that's got to be phoebe.

>> from what show?

>> charmed.

>> yes.

>> you know your lines.

>> i broke my finger twice and i can still dial.

>> oh, i have no idea. that's "who's the boss?"

>> yes. and third one is --

>> let's get one thing straight if i had so much of an inkling that you moved out here, i wouldn't have stepped foot off this plane.

>> not a clue.

>> come on. what's the other series?

>> wouldn't have stepped --

>> if you knew he was going to be there, you wouldn't have stepped --

>> oh, " melrose place "?

>> yes.

>> you can catch this great lady, alyssa milano , hosting

"project runway: all stars" tomorrow evening.