TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Hoda puts Lululemon’s stink-free shirt to the test

The upscale athletic retailer has released a line of clothing that boasts an “anti-stink” fabric, so Kathie Lee gives Hoda’s used workout shirt a sniff test. Even Bambino agrees: The sweat smells sweet.

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>> hey, everybody, so glad you're with us on this wines day wednesday, october 23rd . halloween is fast approaching and it's not bring your dog to workday, but it should be.

>> put the hat on. put it on.

>> yours is --

>> blake is --

>> a bee and mine is a spider. doing a dog costume segment. these guys will get out of these costumes.

>> yes. they're not happy.

>> and they're going to get changed into other ones.

>> even more uncomfortable.

>> yes. we're going to love it.

>> costume dog fashion show .

>> hi, blakey. hi.

>> you are a sweet boy. how often do you get groomed?

>> what are you -- okay. that was unkind. smell him. smell him. smell him.

>> he smells good. well, not the mouth part, but the rest of him smells very good. impressive.

>> here, i'm going to put blakey over here.

>> i'm going to stay with bambi. he is having a very rough day . rough day . do you know who is not having a rough day , hoda?

>> who?

>> kim kardashian . she has posted a picture.

>> of her 15 carat engagement ring . it wasn't a total surprise, they're reporting, she actually picked the ring out and that sort of thing. nevertheless, that's her ring. and she -- we heard from some other sources that they are not going to have a prenup.

>> yeah.

>> we don't know if that's true.

>> it surprised me. they both have enormous -- i was going to say -- assets. they both have done very, very well in this world. let's put it that way.

>> i was listening to pandora radio when it was running. one of the song that comes up is "golddigger."

>> which is he not accusing kim of, by the way. she has her own fortune. 18 years 18 years

>> i can't hear it. we want prenup

>> we want prenup. she's gonna leave with half on the 18th birthday found out it wasn't his

>> gold digger. we want prenup. anyway, it's all about prenups. he's worth a lot more than she is. right?

>> apparently. and nobody has any idea how much money anybody's got unless you're the accountant.

>> a general idea .

>> general idea , yeah. been very, very well in the music business , fashion business. they say he is generally worth about $100 million, which is an awful lot of money. she, only 40. but i don't think that's right either. anyway, they both have a lot to protect. let's put it that way.

>> i was reading on some gossipy website that they're planning a big three-day wedding in paris.

>> they both love paris. it's been important. you know what? i don't know.

>> what do you think about having another big wedding after the other big one?

>> it's exhausting. the first one is exhausting, much less the third or -- elizabeth taylor , did she still have big parties after each marriage?

>> i don't know.

>> i don't know. did you get a prenup your first wedding?

>> i only had one. no, i didn't.

>> are you sorry? i mean, would it have been a better idea to have done it?

>> i didn't have anything, so it didn't matter. but, i'll tell you what --

>> you never know what's going to happen in your life. you could get stuff.

>> you also don't think the other person is going to go for stuff.

>> or you wouldn't be marrying that person.

>> right. first of all, whatever you make as an individual while you are married becomes community property . but frank and i had every intention of getting a --

>> what happened?

>> i thought it was a smart idea. it was summertime. we went down on the beach with our attorney, the late and wonderful, dear, dear friend. and we went down and -- he brings along his dog named claude , who was a poodle. every time we start to get into something important, claude started humping my leg. and it went on a long time. and finally frank looked at our attorney and said claude feels about it the way i do. there will be no prenup. so we don't have one. and we got married about a month later.

>> you don't really know how someone is going to.

>> i would have given him to you yesterday, i told you. when i told you about the story that he wouldn't eat the pasta. did we get any reaction for that? yes, we did.

>> you were eating salad and pasta.

>> and i was eating a nice salad. they brought me pasta and it was better. all right?

>> and frank told you, no, no, no, eat the salad.

>> eat the salad. i'm even madder now.

>> it's one of those things that --

>> yeah.

>> i don't know. i think after a while -- what's the old saying? fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. but you have to learn from life or you're destined to make the same mistakes over and over .

>> a lot of girls date the same kind of guys over and over even though they know the guys -- they're the same exact type and they keep going down the same road thinking they're going to get a different result at the end.

>> do you know what doesn't change?

>> what?

>> you. that's the problem. you change partners , but you're the same. and you might be the problem.

>> one of the best exercises i think you can do -- if you are having trouble finding a guy, you should take your last three serious relationships, whoever they were, and ask them what was the issue with our relationship? tell me the one thing that was the issue and find out which issue was the common thread among all three. ask them.

>> and that's your issue.

>> most people aren't talking to them anymore.

>> if you could, they would tell you -- imagine, though if -- i didn't like him because he was too controlling. this one i didn't like because he was too money hungry. what was your issue with all of them and whatever the common thread is.

>> it's always easier to point out your --

>> sometimes you don't look at them is what i'm saying.

>> no one is listening to what i'm saying.

>> i have a theory.

>> what? what is it?

>> i don't know.

>> last night kanye west rented out att park in san francisco and proposed to his girlfriend, kim kardashian , in front of friends and family. do you know why he picked a baseball stadium ? it's her third strike. she's also off the market for at least the next 72 days.

>> i guess you have to expect -- i didn't know what that was going to be. it's a little mean spirited. let's wish the couple well, all right?

>> i brought you a present. i brought you a present la, la, la, la, la

>> is this the workout present?

>> they said if you sweat in it it's not going to stink.

>> jerry took mine away. i couldn't do it.

>> i worked out in it this morning and wrapped it tightly in a plastic bag . good luck with that.

>> how much did you sweat?

>> i was --

>> you were hauling it?

>> you'll feel it. does it smell?

>> bambino threw up.

>> i'll give you an armpit.

>> ew, it's wet.

>> i told you, i worked out. i sweat. you smell tbambino doesn't know.

>> how is it? is it bad? is it gross?

>> it's not bad.

>> how is it usually?

>> not this good. they say you shouldn't put it in a plastic bag but i just didn't want it to dry out. it's wet. it's gross.

>> i should have gotten that hugh jackman t-shirt when it was soaking wet with his sweat. i could have wrapped it up in a plastic bag . good for lulu lemon . like they need more money.

>> you're a knockout, hoda. you are.

>>> speaking of knockouts, melissa mccartney is speaking out about the "elle" magazine cover she did.

>> she looked fantastic. the controversy was is she wearing a coat because she's a heavier girl? i guess there are actually three cover girls for this month and one of them is reese witherspoon who has something on that's formfitting and i forget who the other one is. anyway, she's the only one wearing a coat. is there an issue with it? and she spoke herself.

>> she said i'm done with summertime. i like cashmere. bring on the cashmere. i love that coat. let me wrap up in it. usually it's very cold in studios when you're shooting.

>> you're right.

>> here is the thing about it. everybody wants to war about everything, constantly make a big thing about it. if it's not an issue to her, drop it. stop it. she's happy with it. she loves her cover.

>> by the way, what makes you feel sexy?

>> have you ever picked up a boy in a trench coat ?

>> i've thought about it. have you ever?

>> i thought about it.

>> you have?

>> yes, i have.

>> my agents are here, kath. my agents are sitting on the couch over there, not listening. not listening. wait.

>> wow! takes three people.

>> it takes three agents to close the deal.

>> glad they're here, cozy on the orange chair.

>> what else is going on, hoda?