TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Best frozen apps for holiday parties

If you’re not into cooking or are in a time-crunch before a party you’re hosting, Tara Bench of Ladies’ Home Journal shares some of the best choices for delicious store-bought foods that you can buy frozen and heat up fast.

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>>> little stress when it comes to entertaining guests.

>> so the ladies tasted store bought frozen appetizers so here with the best of the best is tara. good to see you.

>> good to see you guys.

>> we're throwing a pretty banging party in here ourselves.

>> what is it? 11:00 a.m .? before noon.

>> yeah, it's early.

>> some people think frozen appetizer. there's so many options out there.

>> you think you have to keep them ready and hot but frozen appetizers have come a long way. they're really delicious. there's so many options out there and affordable.

>> you sampled them. we'll sample them as well. let's bring out our first tray. she has the beef and pork tray. they have everyone's favorite.

>> they're trader joes pups. they're very tasty. they're some of the most popular cocktail appetizers.

>> and this is from whole foods, right?

>> yes, all of these, especially you can get your own sauces and keep dips around. one of the keys to a nice cocktail party with these little appetizers is to put plates all around the house so that people are mingling. so there's not one big food hub.

>> lots of little napkins too.

>> yes, exactly.

>> these can be filling, though. so you want to keep the trays coming but sporadically.

>> exactly.

>> and the nice thing is one to two bites. you've all been at a cocktail party .

>> thanks.

>> what do we have here?

>> chicken choices.

>> these are mandrian orange chicken bites.

>> from whole foods.

>> yeah.

>> so all over. you have a variety of choices where ever you shop. where ever you go. they're that asian flavor but they're easy to eat. they come with the sauce in the package. really easy. supplement it with your favorite sauce. these were one of our editor's favorites. it has just enough spice and there's a lot of layers of flavor. it take ace lot of time to get that at home. but they're great. they stay crispy. you can keep them warm.

>> very easy to heat up.

>> this is the vegetarian selection. important to have that too.

>> right. these are caramelized onions.

>> from trader joe 's.

>> right. such a nice puff pastry . they're light.

>> what are we talking price wise? they're not crazy expensive are they?

>> you have a range. little boxes from $2 to $3. up to $10 to $12 for the seafood ones. we have a lobster one coming out in a moment. you can keep them in your freezer or pull out whatever you need.

>> more and more people are becoming vegetarian or gluten free. that brings us to the other options.

>> seafood, right?

>> yeah, we have our lobster and cheese bites here and then the coconut shrimp. it's one of the most popular. coconut shrimp is from seapac.

>> and these are archer farms .

>> that's target. you know they're great. you just need one or two.

>> and i think we have spring rolls that kind of bring the seafood asian flavor together as well.

>> yeah. we'll taste those in a minute.

>> wow.

>> so all of these, you notice, you don't need a knife or a fork. have you ever been to a cocktail party and you're trying to hold your drink?

>> yeah.

>> so these are perfect.

>> so this is spring rolls .

>> yeah. taste them --

>> another one that come with the sauce, which is really nice because it comes in the package.

>> what are you guys talking about back there, guys? huh?

>> how come you have the real drinks and we have the water? what is that about, more importantly?

>> a little party.

>> what kind of party is this.

>> crank the party up a little bit.

>> that's the other thing. these all go with beer, wine, cocktails, any type of party.