TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Ladies! Defend yourself with heels, keys, nails

Security expert and former Secret Service agent Evy Poumpouras shows TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales some ways for women to defend themselves from threats using their best weapons.

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>> thought you might like to know a few moves if a attacker comes up behind you in the parking lot .

>> and here to show us what no to the do or whatnot to do is evi, a former secret service agent.

>> good to see you.

>> most people think it's at night in a dark alley. those are misconceptions.

>> yeah, usually people avoid those situations. most often attacks happen in crowded places when you're distracted or not paying attention.

>> we talk about being on an iphone. where does that come into the picture.

>> right. so most people.

>> is that how you talk on your phone?

>> i'm distracted.

>> when people walk around, what do you see? people crossing the street doing this. not paying attention. not look agent the other person. we don't engage people anymore. especially with technology. do you look at the person next to you? do you assess them? a lot of time people choose their victims. predators choose their victims. we did a study of cons and the convict said a sesz the person and if i think this person is going to be vulnerable i will attack that person. but if i sense this person has something, that alertness, that craziness that i think they might be a counter predator, i won't attack them.

>> here we are in our dark alley and you'll use willie as an example.

>> i'm going to be your victim.

>> so what would you do or how would you defend yourself in a split second here?

>> no, i'm the victim.

>> you're the victim.

>> i'm the attacker --

>> do you want me to attack you?

>> yeah.

>> okay. we can do that.

>> it's more plausible.

>> i would never attack you but we'll do this for the fun of it.

>> most of the time, when somebody comes to approach you they'll grab you by the wrist. then there's one two three techniques. do this and in reality willie is larger than i am and women, you have to consider that. i don't want to get into one to one combat with willie .

>> especially when it's a man taking on a woman like that.

>> exactly. so you almost want to switch and think of animal instincts. you want to become aggressive and violent and you want to attack and yell and scream.

>> yes.

>> the initial thing is you grab me. i'm going to step in.

>> go for it.

>> just do it. do it. just do it. i'm ready.

>> hit you here, here, the throat is a good area. the eyes scratch the eyes. poke the eyes. be relentless because that person will not have mercy on you. this is the upper body area but you don't want to attack once you want to repeatedly hit and all i want is that moment for willie to do one of these. he let mess go and i run.

>> and scream.

>> screaming and yelling draws attention and will oversensitize the person. plus willie is going to say he's a little crazy. maybe i don't want to be attacking this woman and he may let me go. you can also do lower body.

>> oh, good. we're going to lower body.

>> yeah.

>> demonstrate that, please.

>> so lower body, let's do something where you come at me from behind. give me a bear hug from behind.

>> now if i'm this way -- go ahead. yeah.

>> focus, willie . focus.

>> i'm sorry.

>> you're attacking.

>> right, i'm attacking.

>> i'm smaller than willie so at this level where can i go. i'm going to go for his foot. a lot of women think i'm in heels. your heel is your weapon. that's perfect. you want to take that heel and put it through the top of his foot. strike the shin. use your heel and go for the shin. if you can get the groin -- i won't do it.

>> thank you.

>> get the groin. now let's say willie were to lift me up and i were head to head with willie . i'm not on the ground and i can't use my legs.

>> do you want to do it.

>> that's okay.

>> get out of here.

>> you can headbutt, willie . but take your head and go back. just crack him in the face and, again, the key point is you want to run away . you don't want to fight people.

>> right.

>> holiday shopping season coming up. a lot of people going to their cars aren't thinking they're on their phones doing the distracted behaviors we're talking about. it's important to get the keys in your hand, right?

>> yeah, you don't want to go to your car and open up your bag and start looking for your keys. especially at night. you're not paying attention. you don't know who is around you. so go to your purse before you get to your car have your keys out and do one of these. put them through your fingers as if they're a ring and use them as a weapon. just put them on your fingers walk to your car and if somebody like willie comes and attacks you now you have this to strike back.

>> will you come back next week and teach us some more.